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Floor marking tape

Tesa self-adhesive floor marking tape, 1.5 m' 50 mm x 50m 58263-00000-00 202388
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Description The red and white Tesa floor marking tape you ensure that visitors keep 1.5 meters away. You can easily apply the tape to floors and doors, both indoors and outdoors. This marker is self-adhesive and unrolls evenly and quietly. This ribbon stands out because of the striking combination of white and red. The tape is made of polypropylene making it sturdy, tear-resistant and highly UV-resistant. The marking tape is also completely solvent-free and therefore environmentally friendly. The self-adhesive tape from Tesa is 50 meters long and 50 mm wide.
Colour: red/white OEM: 58263-00000-00
Type: floor marking tape EAN: 4063565077531
Material: Polypropylene (PP) Our item no: 202388
Brand: Tesa
€ 7.50 (Incl. 23% VAT)
( € 6.10 Excl. 23% VAT )
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Rillstab self-adhesive floor marking tape black/yellow 50 mm x 33 m T61900 068123
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Description Rillstab self-adhesive floor marking tape is suitable for marking floors, doors and other surfaces. Indicate a walking direction or an area that is not allowed to stand in order to maintain safety. Due to the striking combination of black and yellow, the tape ensures that the marked area stands out. Rillstab's self-adhesive tape is 33 meters long, allowing you to tape large areas. The floor marking tape has a thickness of 0.1 mm and a width of 50 mm.
Colour: black/yellow Dimensions: 50mm x 33m (WxL)
Type: floor marking tape OEM: T61900
Material: PVC EAN: 8712794619000
Brand: Rillstab Our item no: 068123
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€ 8.50 (Incl. 23% VAT)
( € 6.91 Excl. 23% VAT )
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Tesa red/white non-adhesive barrier tape, 80mm x 100m 58137 58137-00000-01 5813700 202258
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Description The Tesa barrier tape in striking white/red is ideal for marking hazardous areas. This non-adhesive ribbon can be tied around posts or fences to mark off an open space. The recognisable red and white print immediately warns people of hazardous or dangerous areas. This barrier tape is printed on both sides and is UV resistant for up to 3 months, making it ideal for outdoor use. The tape has a width of 8cm and length of 100m.
Brand: Tesa Adhesive type: not sticky
Type: marketing tape Application: to mark
Colour: red/white Quantity: 1 piece
Dimensions: 80 mm x 100 m OEM: 5813700
Material: PE film Our item no: 202258
€ 5.50 (Incl. 23% VAT)
( € 4.47 Excl. 23% VAT )
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Tesa multifunctional outdoor marking tape, 50mm x 25m 04621-00011-00 202389
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Description You can easily tear this multifunctional, professional tape in length and width. The marking tape based on PE and acrylic adhesive can be used both indoors and outdoors, because it is weather and UV resistant for 8 weeks. The tape is easily removable, without residues sticking. You use the green marking tape when plastering interior and exterior walls, painting facades, bundling cables and as (floor) marking. In addition, you can use this tape very well to seal openings and to protect surfaces against dirt or damage. The marking tape is 50mm wide and is supplied on a 25 meter roll.
Colour: green OEM: 04621-00011-00
Type: marking tape EAN: 4042448563378
Dimensions: 50 mm x 25 m Our item no: 202389
Brand: Tesa
€ 8.95 (Incl. 23% VAT)
( € 7.28 Excl. 23% VAT )
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Brady self-adhesive floor marking tape black 50 mm x 33 m AMT-2-BLACK 147915
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Description Brady self-adhesive floor marking tape black is used to demarcate areas. Indicate where articles may be placed, or where nothing may be placed. Also use this tape to indicate walking routes and divide queues. The tape can be used on floors, steps, railings and other relevant surfaces. Thanks to the self-adhesive adhesive layer, the floor marking tape is easy to apply. Removal is effortless and without damaging the surface or leaving adhesive residue behind. The tape is made of vinyl and has a width of 50 mm and is 33 meters long.
Brand: Brady Material: vinyl
Type: floor marking tape OEM: AMT-2-BLACK
Colour: black EAN: 0754473582227
Dimensions: 50mm x 33m (WxL) Our item no: 147915
€ 20.50 (Incl. 23% VAT)
( € 16.67 Excl. 23% VAT )
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