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Looking for a new printer? Thankfully, we are specialists in the field of printers and printer consumables. We offer a wide range of inkjet printers, laser printers and more, at low prices. Order now for fast delivery!

Need a hand choosing? You can compare the best-selling printers here.


Order cheap printers. Large selection for home or business

We have a large range of printers in stock here in our Dublin warehouse. Thanks to our lowest price guarantee, you know you’re getting the best-priced printers on the market. With so many printer models to choose from, it’s important to look at what is best for your needs.

Find the best printer for your needs

Do you require a home printer for printing everyday documents from bills and homework to flight tickets? Or maybe you’re an artist or photographer that requires a printer that can print vivid colour details. Both of these users require printers with different specifications. Likewise, a business user has a different set of requirements such as speed and high performance. With that in mind, it’s important to know what features you require or do not require when purchasing a printer.

Inkjet printer or laser printer

There are two printer types that are commonly used in the home or in business: Inkjet printers and laser printers. Typically, a home user will gravitate towards inkjet printers, whilst a business user will benefit from a laser printer. This is because a laser printer typically has higher print speeds and inkjet printers work better at printing colour documents and photos. If you’d like to read about these two printer types in more detail to inform your decision, you can read our blog on the difference between inkjet and laser printers.

Common printer features to look out for

If you are going to buy a printer, have a look at some of the features below to identify which will work for you. 

  • Do you need to print in black and white or in colour? If you want to print in black and white only, for example for business use, we recommend a mono laser printer that will print at fast speeds. Otherwise, inkjets or colour lasers are better options.

  • Do you print a lot of black and white pages? Then it makes sense to opt for a laser printer. If you print less frequently, then it’s better to choose an inkjet.

  • Do you want to print photos? In that case, an inkjet printer is the best option as they can print vivid, colour details.

  • Do you need to print in A4 or A3? Most printers print with standard A4 paper, but if you want to print in larger sizes such as A3 paper, perhaps for artists or photographers, you’ll require an A3 inkjet printer

  • Do you require a wireless printer? Many people can benefit from a WiFi printer, such as a household or office with multiple users or for printing from your mobile device. 

  • Do you want to print, scan, or copy? If you also require a printer that can scan and copy, you’ll need to look out for a multifunctional or all-in-one printer. If you do a lot of scanning, you can also buy a separate scanner, which you will find on this page.

  • If you require more advanced printer features such as fast print speeds, duplex printing, ADF or more, we advise you to check out our printer comparison guide for more details. 

Buy a printer with lower ink costs to save

If you want to get the best bang for your buck, we recommend looking at the cost of the ink cartridges or toner. Typically, you’ll incur more costs over time from the ink cartridges or toner costs, than the cost of the printer model itself. 

  • One tip is to buy our own-brand ink cartridges or toners that work just as well in your printer but are filled with more ink, giving you a lower cost per print
    Another tip is to check if your printer model uses printhead ink cartridges or ink tank cartridges. You’ll save more over time by choosing a printer that uses ink tanks. Printers that use printhead cartridges use only two colours- black and colour. This means that cyan, yellow and magenta are all contained in one colour cartridge, which naturally means less ink. It also means you’ll have to replace the colour ink cartridge once one of the colours runs out. In that way, an ink tank printer, although it often has a higher upfront cost, will save you in the long run when it comes to topping up its ink.

Label printers to organise

If you’d like to organise your business equipment or simply organise your home, a label printer can be extremely useful. Industrial label printers are great for tradesmen to label wires or equipment, while a small business user will benefit from a smaller label maker to organise their stock.

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Common questions

What is the best everyday home printer?

We have many affordable printers for the home available at 123ink.ie. Inkjet printers are a great choice for the home. For example, the Epson Expression Home series has many great features such as the ability to scan, copy, to connect wirelessly, and it takes good value ink cartridges.

What is the best printer for the office?

The best printer for business use is usually a laser printer. Laser printers tend to have higher print speeds and print capacity. They can also handle print large volumes with speed and more economically than inkjet printers.

Are Inkjet printers or laser printers better?

Inkjet printers and laser printers both have their own advantages. If you wish to print high-quality colour documents or photos, an inkjet that uses ink cartridges is the better choice. On the other hand, if speed and volume are important to you, such as in a business setting, a laser printer is the better choice.
If you have any further questions in regards printers, check out our Q&A page or don’t hesitate to get in touch!