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Label makers

Order Dymo label makers and Brother label makers for fast delivery in Ireland. Label makers can be used to organise your office or home. Organise files, label jars, shelves or print shipping labels.

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Label makers

Label makers for home or (home) office

A label maker is a portable labelling device that will improve the daily running of any business or household. Label makers differ from label printers in that they are portable devices that use tape, while a label printer connects to a PC and uses label rolls. Both are perfect for use in offices or warehouses, as well as for organising in the home. They are easy to use with little tech-know how necessary. 

Label makers for organising files and printing shipping labels 

Label makers for the office allow you to print your own address labels, shipping labels, product labels, barcodes, name tags and organise files with labels with little effort.


Label makers for the home can be used to label jars, organise storage spaces, identify multiple wires, label homework books and even help with learning a new language.

Label makers for organising & label printers for shipping labels and barcodes

Label makers and label printers and very similar devices that have the same purpose, to create labels. However, there are important differences in their design. We have outlined the 3 most important differences between label makers and label printers below so you can quickly choose which one works for you.

  • Labels vs tapes
    A label printer uses labels that are on a roll. These label rolls are placed in the label printer. Typically, label printers are used to print labels for a specific purpose, for example, shipping labels or barcodes. A label maker, on the other hand, works with tape. You can print a short text with a maximum of a few lines. You can decide the length of the label yourself, to suit its purpose.

  • Portability
    A label maker is more portable than a label printer. It has its own keyboard and is compact, so you can make your own labels on the go. This does not apply to most label printers, they need to be used with a laptop or PC so they are often in a fixed place. There are some special portable label printers but you still have to connect these to another device to print the label.

  • Keyboard
    A label maker has a keyboard built-in so you don't need a separate PC to print labels. You create the labels on the label maker itself and then print them directly. A label printer has to be connected to the computer so that you can print your labels from there. Like your inkjet or laser printer, a label printer only performs your print jobs, so it doesn't have a keyboard built-in. 

Popular Dymo Label makers for the home or office

Dymo label makers are very popular thanks to their easy design and low price points. The most popular Dymo label maker is the Dymo Omega Embossing label maker which is perfect for any DIY enthusiast. This label maker is very affordable and features a turn-and-click design to create your labels and has an enhanced tape-cutting feature. There is also a Dymo-Junior label maker with the same mechanism so the little ones can get involved and make their own labels. 


 If you can’t choose between a label maker or a label printer, there is also a combination: Dymo LabelWriter 450 Duo. This popular 450 series works with label rollers and consists of the standard model Dymo LabelWriter 450 and the extra fast Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo.


The Dymo LabelWriter models all come with Dymo software that allows you to easily create labels on your computer. The popular Dymo LabelWriter series is perfect for use at home or in small offices. 

Popular Brother label makers for the home or business

Brother label makers are also very popular on the market and are known for their high quality. With label makers from Brother, you can print labels on different tape colours and create your own labels for your home. They are also useful in the office to print labels for files, name tags, products or barcode labels. You can choose a portable label maker version with a built-in keyboard or a Brother label printer that is a desktop version with a USB connection.  

The Brother's PT-P300BT label maker is a popular one. This sleek and compact Bluetooth label printer allows you to print labels directly from a Brother Design&Print app on your smartphone, meaning you can print a label from just about anywhere. 


The Brother PT-D210 label maker includes a lot of great functionality with a low price tag. You can create your own custom label or choose from a pre-designed template. You can store up to 30 personalised labels to easily retrieve, as well as print patterned, decorative designs on your labels. 

Order cheap labels and tapes for your label maker or label printer

Don’t forget to order tape for your label maker. We have many popular brands available including Dymo tapes and labels, Brother tapes and labels, Zebra tapes and labels and more. These tapes and labels come in both original and 123ink alternative versions, that are compatible with your label maker and will save you money.

Common questions

What’s the difference between a label maker and a label printer?

A label maker has a built-in keyboard and display and prints using tape that is inserted. It does not need to be connected to a separate computer. A label printer uses labels and requires a separate computer to print its labels.

What are the most popular label maker brands?

The two biggest label makers on the market are Dymo label makers and Brother label makers. Typically, the Dymo label maker range is ideal for DIY projects in the home or for small offices, while Brother label makers are suitable for office use. Both are available on 123ink.ie, for the best prices.

Where can I find the cheapest tape for my label maker?

With 123ink.ie, labels and tapes are guaranteed to be the cheapest thanks to our lowest price guarantee. For many label makers, you also have the option of buying labels from 123ink own brand label. You will not notice any difference in the labels, they have the same dimensions and are of high quality, but are considerably cheaper than the original labels.

If you have any further questions in regard to label makers, check out our Q&A page or don’t hesitate to get in touch!