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Brother label printers

Looking for a Brother label printer for home or office? Explore our extensive range of Brother label printer. Choose between Brother shipping label printers, Brother desktop label printers, WiFi and Bluetooth label printers. Order now for fast shipping.

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Order your Brother label printer

Here you will find a wide range of label printers from Brother. With a label machine from Brother, printing professional labels has never been easier for the lowest prices. Order from our range of original Brother labels or 123ink Brother own-brand labels. Our 123ink own-brand labels are the same dimensions and same high-quality as the original labels.

Explore the many uses of Brother label printers

Label printers can be used for various tasks. Some are more suitable for small print jobs like shipping labels, while others are faster and tougher making them perfect for retail use. Thermal printers are known for being cheaper to run as they don't require ink.

Versatile label printing solutions: QL and TD printers

Our range of QL (Quick Label) label printers are the ideal choice for low volume, address shipping or label printing. They are designed for quick and easy printing. Our TD (Thermal Desktop) range of direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers are perfect for speed and durability. This makes them suitable for retail labelling. Thermal label printers are also cost-effective as they do not require ink. Thermal label printers work by producing an image on paper using heat. This process heats thermal paper with a special dye coating that turns black when heat is applied. Print full-colour labels for indoor signage, crafting, photo printing and other applications using the VC-500W label printer. Brother QL printers are more suitable for low-volume tasks whereas TD is ideal for retail and industrial labelling.

Maintain a well-stocked supply of Brother labels for your label printer with our extensive range. Whether you need labels for shipping, organising, commercial purposes or more we offer a variety of choices compatible for your printer.

Discover the difference with professional Brother label printers

Brother printer’s intuitive features and cutting-edge technology make the task of label creation seamless and effortless. Whether you need to print address labels, shipping labels, barcode labels, or custom labels for organisational purposes, Brother's versatile printers deliver crisp, clear results every time, enhancing and ensuring the professional appearance of your documents and packages.

Tailored label printing solutions

From basic labeling tasks to intricate barcode printing, Brother label printers offer the flexibility and functionality needed to streamline operations and workflows. Whether you prioritise speed, durability, versatility, or affordability, we have a Brother label printer that meets your criteria. With options for USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity,you can easily print labels from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, maximising convenience and efficiency.

Customise labels with ease

Using Brother's user-friendly label design software, the process of customising labels has never been simpler. Whether you're designing address labels, product labels, or signage, you can unleash your creativity and personalize every aspect of your labels. Incorporate your company logo, select from a wide range of fonts and styles. You can even import data directly from Excel for efficient label printing. This feature streamlines the printing process by allowing you to import data directly into the label design software. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures accuracy and efficiency. With Wi-Fi connectivity options available on some label printer models, you can print effortlessly directly from from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Brother QL label printers

The Brother QL label printers are designed to provide the best labelling solution. Whether you require a single label or production series labels, QL label printers complete the task within seconds. QL label printers allow you to print labels with a fixed width, but the length is determined after printing by cutting the tape afterwards. Our top selling Brother QL-700 is an economical choice whereas if you want a step up from that we recommend the Brother QL-800, an advanced model with more features. These label printers are easy to set up with your pc or mac and are compatible with Microsoft office. Some printers have WiFi capabilities but for those that don’t, they have a USB cable included. If you may need a longer cable check our cable selection page.

Brother TD thermal label printers

Brother TD thermal label printers use cutting-edge thermal transfer technology to producelabels that meet stringent industry standards for durability. Ideal for warehouses, logistics, manufacturing, retail, and various other sectors, TD thermal label printers excel in delivering reliable performance. Equipped with built-in direct thermal technology, these printers efficiently generate high-volume, low-cost labels suitable for everyday use. Whether stationed at your desk or utilized on-the-go, TD thermal label printers ensure the production of high-quality labels to meet your specific needs.

Brother VC-500W colour wireless label printer

The VC-500W label printer is a colour photo printer that features zink zero ink technology allowing you to print fantastic colour labels, photos, stickers. You can print up to 420mm long in a single go without the need for ink cartridges, ribbons or toners, making it easy to create handmade gifts, greeting cards, invitations, photo projects. We have everything to help you with your business tasks and projects also, address labels and more.

The wireless interface offers easy connectivity and lets you print from virtually anywhere. Create and print from your mobile device when connected to a wireless network.

Designing labels with your QL, TD & VC label printers?

Designing your labels is easy all you have to do is use the Brother label software included with your Brother label printer. Use the Brother p-touch editor to enter text and design for your label. You can select the format of the labels so you can immediately see the produced result. You can print address lists or data imported directly from Excel.

Printing Brother labels for shipping and packing parcels saves time. Insert a company logo or any other imagery or text. Give your labels a unique design with a font, frame or style that suits your business. Brother label printers are compatible with DHL, FEDEX and other postal and shipping company’s printing software. Their printing software prints labels and sends the registration to the track and trace system.

Looking for a label printer with Wifi?

A label printer with WiFi allows multiple users at work or home to print what they need. In the QL range, the Brother QL710W and QL-810W are the best choices for WiFi label printers. They are identical to the Brother QL700W and QL-800 but with more network capabilities installed.

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Common questions

Where to buy cheap Brother labels?

Order all Brother labels on 123ink.ie for the best price. You can choose from original Brother labels and from the more affordable 123ink own-brand version Brother labels. The 123ink own-brand Brother labels come in the same dimensions as the original Brother labels and are of equal quality. Keep your printing costs low, without compromising on quality. Choose the correct labels for your Brother label printer with our Brother label selection page.

How to print labels on a Brother printer?

To print on a Brother label printer follow the steps below:
  1.  Ensure you have compatible label sheets and proper printer drivers installed on your computer. Create your labels using software like Brother P-touch Editor, Microsoft Word or Canva.
  2. Make sure the layout matches your label sheets. Load the sheets into the printer tray, adjust settings such as page size and print quality.
  3. Print your labels and check the print quality. Trim any excess paper if necessary before storing unused labels appropriately.

How to print Avery labels?

To print Avery labels follow the steps below:
  1. Select the appropriate Avery label template in your preferred software, Microsoft Word or Avery's online design tool. Customise the labels with text, images, or other formatting types.
  2. Load the Avery label sheets into your printer according to the printer's instructions, ensuring they're aligned correctly.
  3. Preview the labels to ensure they appear as desired on the template.
  4. Print the labels, making sure your printer settings match the label sheet specifications and adjust any settings for print quality or quantity as needed.

Our knowledgeable team is available to answer any questions you may have. If you need assistance or have any questions regarding our Brother label printers or any of our other product ranges, please contact us by email or by phone.