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LED lighting

Order our LED lights that are energy saving and environmentally friendly. Our extensive range of lights are suitable for the office, indoors and outdoors. Order all your LED lights here in one place!
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LED lighting

Buy cheap LED lights!

Here you will find an extensive range of LED lights for your office, home, indoors and outdoors. Our wide range of lighting products include lights from Phillips, Twinkly and our own-brand. Our 123ink lights emit the same pleasant light as other lights for a fraction of the cost. Our extensive range includes panels, fixtures, tubes, bulbs, string lights, curtain lights, battery operated lights, connectable lights and candles.

There are many more benefits and advantages to using LED lights over traditional lights. These lights are cheaper and have a longer lifespan than traditional lights. These lights are more energy efficient and sustainable. Below you can read about our range and the benefits of energy saving lights.

Light up your workplace with LED lights

LED lights are perfect for many types of workplaces. Below we list the different suitable uses:
  • Phillips high bay lighting are ideal for use in industrial workplaces, these lights are ideal for rooms with high ceilings like factories, warehouses or halls.
  • Perfect for use in offices and public areas, panels provide unobstructive and professional lighting.
  • LED tubes are ideal for use in garages, sheds and warehouses.These lights provide a high light output with a bright white light.
  • Motion detector lighting fixtures are ideal for use in garages, basements and sheds. These lighting motion detector fixtures provide a bright white light with a built-in motion detector.
LED lights to brighten up your patio!

We have an extensive range of LED lighting for your garden including wall lights, wall lights with sensors and solar lights. Below we list the different types of outdoor garden lights:
  • The wall lights are made of sturdy resistant materials including stainless steel, aluminium and anthracite. While still elegantly illuminating your garden and home.
  • Wall lights with sensors act as an excellent security feature and burglar deterrent. Solar lights include wall sensor lights, lantern lights, floodlights and spotlights.
  • LED solar lights allow the light battery to charge during the day ensuring your garden will be fully lit throughout the night. Solar lights are easy to install as they do not need to be connected to an electricity point.
The benefits of LED lights

Now is the time to switch to LED! Below some of the many benefits and advantages of switching to LED lighting are listed:
  • LED lights are more environmentally friendly
  • They have a longer lifespan
  • These lights have a lower energy consumption as they ensure less heat production
  • LED lights are available in lots of different forms, shapes and sizes
  • They contain no harmful materials
  • They are sturdy and resilient
LED lights are more energy efficient, saving you money!

Switching to LED is better for the environment and saves you money. As LED lights consume less electricity it has a much smaller impact on the environment. Consuming products that use less electricity is an effort to create less CO2 emissions. The less electricity a light uses the less fossil fuels have to be burned and less CO2 is released. The longer lifespan saves you having to replace your light less often, saving you money in the long term. Using LED lights in your home will provide huge energy bill savings.

Ensure safe lighting in your home, switch to LED!

LED lights are very safe as they create less heat. They convert 90% of the electricity into light and 10% into heat. This makes them perfect for use in the home. As LED lights are primarily made of electronic components they do not contain hazardous materials. Traditional energy saving lights can contain mercury or other substances making them a risk to use indoors and in the home, whereas LEDs do not contain hazardous materials.

Smart Lighting
High energy bills? Check out our new smart home range. Gain greater control of your home energy use. Control appliances, lighting, smart doorbells and home security cameras remotely from your phone or with Alexa. Order smart LED lighting to conserve energy and save money!

LED lights use less energy than halogen and fluorescent lighting
The table below displays how many watts are used to produce 200, 400 and 900 lumens. This table demonstrates that LED lights are the most energy saving lights as they produce the most lumens using the least amount of watts.
LED light Fluorescent light Halogen Bulb
200 lumens 2W 5W 10W 25W
400 lumens 6W 8W 30W 40W
900 lumens 10W 16W 60W 75W

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  Common questions

What are LED lights?

LED stands for light emitting diode, they are known for being sustainable and efficient. LED lights are more energy saving than halogen and incandescent lights. These forms of traditional lighting can only convert between only 25% to 30% of electricity into light whereas LED lights can convert more than 90% of energy into light.

How are LED lights energy efficient?

Choose LED lights for lower energy consumption. An energy saving light can stay on for 30,000 to 50,000 hours in comparison to traditional lighting only staying on for 1,000 hours. If you haven’t already switched to LED, now is the time!

What type of LED lights are recommended for use in the home?

We have an extensive range of indoor LED lights to choose from: large fitting (E27) bulbs, E14 bulbs, GU5.3 spotlights, GU10 spotlights, B22 bulbs, candle lights and a huge selection of LED string lights. LED lights for use in bathrooms, kitchens or hallways should have a brighter colour temperature. LED lights for use in bedrooms, dining rooms, cosy and atmospheric indoor lighting should be a lower light with a darker colour temperature.

What is recommended for outdoor use?

There are many LED lights recommended for outdoor use including solar lights, sensor lights, outdoor wall lights and outdoor Christmas lights. Light temperature is an important factor to consider. A warm white light (2,700K) creates an atmospheric effect and a warm light has a yellowish glow creating a cosy and inviting feeling. Cool white light (6,500K) is perfect as an anti-burglary light in your garden.

What LED lights are recommended for the workplace?

LED fluorescent tubes, LED fixtures and LED panels are perfect for office use, warehouses and storerooms. 3200K and 4000K is recommended for use in school, hospital and office settings. 4500K and 6000K is recommended for spaces where there is not much natural daylight like a warehouse.
Do you have any questions about our range of LED lights? Please contact us.