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Christmas lights

Looking to buy indoor Christmas lights or outdoor Christmas lights for fast delivery? With our selection of LED Christmas lights, you can cover your house or business from head to toe in a festive, warm glow.
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Christmas lights

Indoor and outdoor LED Christmas lights for less

When it comes to Christmas decorations, Christmas lighting including Christmas tree lights, can have a big impact. Adorn your Christmas tree in flashing LED lights or cluster lights for a full sparkle. Light up your home with icicle lights hanging from the gutter for a spectacular display, or create a unique Christmas window lights display. Net lights can be wrapped around trees and bushes, meteor shower lights hung from trees or take it one step further with a 3D moving light-up reindeer to illuminate your garden!

Whether you prefer a subtle glow, to a full-on sparkle, we have everything available from traditional warm white LED Christmas string lights, cluster lights, icicle lights, net Christmas lights, battery-operated Christmas lights and Christmas light decorations.

Our new range of 123ink.ie Christmas lights are available in a wide variety of types and colours and will save you money this Christmas.

Common questions

Are LED Christmas lights more sustainable?

Yes, LED Christmas lights not only bring down your energy bills but are also more environmentally friendly. LED lights last longer than traditional lights and they are more energy-efficient.

Are LED Christmas lights cheaper to run?

Yes, LED Christmas lights are significantly cheaper to run. Gone are the days of Christmas lights hiking up your electricity bill. LED lights use up to 75 per cent less energy and last 25 times as long compared to incandescent lights. They also have a longer life, saving you in the long run. 123ink.ie's new range of LED christmas lights are available in a wide variety of types and colours and will save you money this holiday season.

Can I use Christmas lights for my business?

Yes, commercial Christmas lights are also a great option to liven up your business for both employees and for customers alike. You can opt for outdoor lights to cover the front entrance or windows with festive lighting or adorn the inside with string lights, cluster lights, or Christmas light decorations.

Is there a difference between Indoor & outdoor Christmas lights?

Yes, certified outdoor lights are different to indoor lights as they are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain and snow. Certified indoor Christmas lights on the other hand have been safety tested to make sure that they are not a fire hazard for indoor materials including Christmas trees.
If you have any further questions in regards to 123ink Christmas lights, check out our Q&A page or don’t hesitate to get in touch!