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Office supplies

Here you can easily order a variety of office supplies and stationery for your home or workplace. You can search below to quickly take you to the right category.  
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Office supplies

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Order essential office supplies for your workplace

The right tools can help anyone succeed better, and the same goes for office supplies. We have all of the essential supplies for your office to make your workday easier. Want to get your business off the ground or have a team of employees to kit out? Then you’re in the right place. 


You can order your office stationery and supplies from the comfort of your home or have them delivered straight to your office, with little effort required. You can find everything you need in one place so you can save time and focus on what’s important to you.

Buy filing essentials for the office

One of the most important office supplies is filing equipment to ensure optimal organisation. Our selection of filing folders ranges from ring binders, lever arch files to suspension files. Organise effectively by using subject dividers, index tab markers and punched pockets. We have plenty of filing boxes available also including filing boxes with drawers


If you prefer a monochrome or neutral colour pallete for your office, we have plenty of black, white and other neutral filing supplies in stock. Or do you prefer a brighter colour scheme? Then you’ll love the bright pops of colour the Leitz WOW collection provides. Design your office decor how you like to encourage productivity. 

Keep productivity high with essential desk items 

No office is complete without the essential desk items that are easily forgotten but hard to live without. Posts it's for reminders, staplers to keep files together, tape, calculators, batteries, cables and more. Order these items in advance so you don't spend time looking for them when you need them most.

Essential stationery for students 

Do you want to maximise your study and ensure your notes are in tip-top condition? We have all of the essential stationery available to help students succeed. Proper organisation and marking of information will aid you in your study and allow you to quickly and easily reference notes without wasting time. Want to get the most out of your study session? Try index markers to make important information stand out. Or use highlighter pens to draw attention to an important pointer. With the right tools, you can have the advantage of absorbing the information better and retaining information more effectively.


Notebooks with separate sections for different school subjects or college modules are also a great idea to keep your work organised. Alternatively, folders with punched pockets and subject dividers do just the trick.

Choose the best ergonomic (home) office supplies

We have plenty of ergonomic office supplies in stock to help you perform your best whether in the office or working from home. Backrests provide an ergonomic working position with extra support for your back. Laptop stands are useful for those working from home with a laptop that needs that extra bit of ergonomic height to aid better posture. Monitor arms also help you to freely move and adjust your screen so you’re not overreaching and straining your neck or back.


We also have a selection of PC accessories for the (home) office to help you create your ideal workstation These include webcams and headsets to connect with colleagues, mice and keyboards to complete our desk set up and cables of all sizes.

Common questions

What are the most common office supplies?

The most common office supplies are writing tools, files and folders, mailing supplies like envelopes and tape, essential desk supplies and paper such as notebooks, planners and diaries. All of these office supplies are available at 123ink.ie for the lowest prices.

What office supplies should I put on my work desk?

Every work desk should have go-to desk supplies such as staplers, post-its, pens, highlighters, a calculator, tape, batteries, binder clips, scissors, a hole puncher, a notebook and a planner. Order these desk essentials for fast delivery at 123ink.ie.

How do I make my home office ergonomic?

You can make your home office ergonomic by buying a laptop stand to ensure your laptop is at the correct height, monitor arms so you are not straining to view your screens. This helps to avoid neck and back injuries. A backrest will support your posture and a footrest will provide an elevated leg position, improving blood flow and posture. A wrist rest will support your wrist, as will memory foam mouse pads equipped with supportive built-in wrist rest.
Are you looking for a specific office supply or have any questions? Don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.