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You can order index tabs here for the best value. With several types of page markers available including coloured tabs, arrow symbol indexes and sign here sticker tabs, you can build an effective filing system for school, college or work.

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Mark your files with index tabs!

You can easily order index tabs here for all your filing needs, for fast delivery within Ireland. You can separate and mark your work by using different colour sticker tabs for each subject, or mark pages with an arrow tab or sign here sticker tab. We have plenty of page markers available that are great for school students with different subjects, college students with different modules and employees with many work files to mark and separate.

What are the benefits of index tabs?


The benefit of page markers is that they break up large blocks of work, and help students to highlight certain areas of a page that contain important pieces of information. In this way, index tabs can be a very useful study tool for school students and college students alike, particularly when studying for the junior cert, leaving cert, or important college examinations. Students can mark important pieces of information on a page in bright colours that stand out. They can use sticky tabs to mark where on a page they need to revisit for homework or the page in a book they are currently are on for a lesson. A useful tip for students when studying is to use all blue tabs for one subject like maths, and all red tabs for a different subject like geography. Page markers can also be a great tool for college students when carrying out research projects or dissertations. When reading many different articles, journals and books, it can be useful to mark the page to return to the particular author’s quote or important findings in a study. 


Types of index tabs/page markers available

  • Standard index tabs: These standard post-it indexes can be stuck to a page to identify it quickly. Usually, they are colourful or transparent tabs. Quick tabs make it easy to mark a page of a book or file to revisit later. Our page markers come in a variety of colours including green, blue, red and yellow. 

  • Index narrow, arrows and symbols:

  1. Narrow index tabs are used to highlight only a portion of the page so that text is still visible.
  2. Arrow symbol page markers are ideal for pointing to a certain point on a page or making it clear to someone else, where on the page attention needs to be given.
  3. Sign here tabs: Sign here index tabs are transparent tabs and can be used to point out where signatures are required on a page.
  • Index extra-strong tabs: Post-it strong flat tabs are specially designed for binders. These tabs are suitable for the permanent archiving of binders. We also have strong hanging tabs are specially designed for hanging folders. These tabs are suitable for permanent archiving.


What is the difference between index tabs and index sheets?


Index tabs or page markers and index sheets work great in combination with one another. Both make organising and filing your work easier. With index sheets, you can separate and label your work in a file, that is easy to reference. The index sheet’s cover page outlines the contents of the tabs so that you can see at a glance where the information is filed, for example on page 5, you have all of your May accounts or all of your history notes. This makes referencing your notes quick and easy. With index tabs, you can mark the pages of your folder with additional information, so for example, if you wanted a colleague to sign a page in your file, or you wanted to draw attention to a section of the page with an arrow tab. Standard sticky tabs can be used to mark areas of a folder that you wish to return to.


You can combine different types of page markers and index sheets, and other types of document files, to create the ideal filing system that works for you.


If you have any further questions in regard to indexes or filing systems. don’t hesitate to get in touch!