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Scrub Daddy

Order your cleaning sponges from Scrub Daddy here. Scrub Daddy make high-performance cleaning products by combining exclusive materials with fun, functional designs. These effective and multi-functional sponges are texture changing, the sponge is hard in cold water and soft in warm water.
They are also smell resistant, lasting up to 8 weeks.
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Scrub Daddy

Order Scrub Daddy sponges for multi-functional cleaning

Scrub Daddy sponges come in multiple types which we outline below. These functional sponges are highly effective at cleaning multiple surfaces due to their design and material. Read about the benefits of Scrub Daddy sponges on this page.

The different types of Scrub Daddy sponges

  • Scrub Daddy: the standard version of Scrub Daddy, a sponge made of FlexTexture material that becomes hard in contact with cold water and soft in contact with warm water. Suitable for dishes or for general cleaning.
  • Scrub Mommy: a Scrub Daddy variant in which one side is made of the well-known FlexTexture material, but the other side consists of ResoFoam material that is extra absorbent and produces more suds in combination with soap or dishwashing liquid. Scrub Mommy is especially useful for doing the dishes because of the extra foam it creates. You can easily create a lather and tackle tough dishes. Reach all the hard-to-clean areas with one sponge.
  • Scour Daddy: A scouring pad with FlexTexture material on one side, and a robust abrasive layer on the other for removing more stubborn dirt from a variety of surfaces. Also available as Scour Daddy Steel, a variant with stainless steel fibres for the toughest cleaning jobs.
  • Sponge Daddy: A sponge with the same composition as Scrub Mommy, part FlexTexture and part ResoFoam, but with a rectangular shape for cleaning larger areas. Complete larger cleaning jobs and surfaces quickly with Sponge Daddy, saving you time.
  • Eraser Daddy: a sponge consisting of two layers of melamine, a softer and a harder layer, both suitable for scratch-free cleaning of sensitive surfaces. With an Eraser Daddy sponge, you can clean windows and other glass surfaces without leaving any smudges, ensuring they’re crystal clear. You can also tackle everyday marks on surfaces such as tough crayon stains on white walls, as well as shower scum, dirt and stains on tiles, glass and porcelain.
  • Damp Duster: the Damp Duster is a sponge cloth designed to make your home dust-free. The sponge cloth can be dampened (and is supplied dampened) to collect dust as efficiently as possible. The sponge cloth will not release the dust until it is rinsed. This means you won’t have to worry about any leakage or dripping when moving your cloth from the sink or bucket, the dust will stay secure within the sponge until rinsed.
  • The Power Paste all-purpose cleaner from Scrub Daddy is a gentle agent that is perfect for cleaning all different types of surfaces. The cleaning agent Power Paste is free of chemicals and is a very effective cleaning agent that easily removes the most stubborn stains. Power Paste becomes extra effective when paired with the Scrub Mommy sponge.

What makes the Scrub Daddy sponge unique?

Scrub Daddy’s material reacts to different water temperatures

Scrub Daddy sponges are made from a highly engineered polymer foam called FlexTexture. The FlexTexture material of Scrub Daddy sponges changes depending on the temperature of the water. When rinsed with cold water, the sponge becomes hard, making it ideal for scrubbing away tough dried-in stains from surfaces. When rinsed with warm water, the sponge becomes soft and easier to maneouver into difficult-to-reach areas. This makes the cleaning sponges appropriate for tackling many different areas of the home, without the need for separate utensils.

Scrub Daddy sponges have a unique shape with practical uses

The unique shape of Scrub Daddy sponges makes them easily recognisable. You can easily spot their smiley faces, eyes and spikey hair! These fun features aren’t just for show either, the Scrub Daddy design also comes with very functional uses. The smiley mouth is perfect for cleaning both sides of the cutlery at the same time. The eyes of the sponge provide an ergonomic grip whilst tackling tougher stains. The round shape with the pointed hair is perfect for cleaning the inside of drinking glasses and glass jars.

Scrub Daddy sponges have a long shelf life and remain odourless

Scrub Daddy sponges have a very long shelf life in comparison with other standard sponges. The Scrub Daddy sponge design was lab-tested to ensure that it can go eight weeks without producing an odour, once it is maintained properly. (Ensuring it’s rinsed thoroughly in warm water after use and not left in dishwater for long periods of time). The sponge is engineered to dry quickly, which prevents that mouldy smell that so often develops from dish sponges. You can even pop it in the dishwasher to freshen it up.

Scrub Daddy sponges can be used on multiple surfaces

Scrub Daddy’s are scratch-free thanks to their FlexTexture material. This makes Scrub Daddy sponges suitable to use on most surfaces, from your car's exterior paint to wood, stainless steel, glass and even non-stick coatings such as non-stick pans! If you're not sure or you have concerns, you should do a test in a small area before branching out. They are even dishwasher and washing machine safe!

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Common questions about Scrub Daddy sponges

Where can I buy Scrub Daddy sponges in Ireland?

You can buy the full collection of Scrub Daddy sponges on 123ink.ie for affordable prices. Get the classic Scrub Daddy, Scrub Mommy, Scour Daddy, Sponge Daddy, Eraser Daddy, Damp duster and more. You can also buy fun, festive editions such as pumpkins, ghosts, Christmas tree and snowflake Scrub Daddy sponges. All available for fast delivery.

What is so special about Scrub Daddy sponges?

The Scrub Daddy sponges, different from regular dish sponges, can change texture if you use hot or cold water. In warm water, the sponge becomes soft and in cold water, the sponge becomes hard. This means that you can easily clean the inside of a glass with the soft sponge and scrub away dried food residues with the hard sponge. The sponges last for up to 8 weeks and remain free of unpleasant odours for a long time, they are also scratch-free and dishwasher safe.

What is the difference between Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy?

The difference is that they are made of different materials. The Scrub Daddy sponges are made of only FlexTexture material that becomes soft with hot water and hard with cold water. While the Scrub Mommy sponges have FlexTexture material on one side and ResoFoam on the other. ResoFoam is always soft, absorbs liquid better and lathers up into a foam, perfect for dishes.

How long should a Scrub Daddy last?

The Scrub Daddy sponge design has been lab-tested to ensure that it can last eight weeks without producing an odour, once it is maintained properly. That is ensuring it’s rinsed thoroughly after use. It can also be put through the dishwasher to ensure further cleanliness.

Are Scrub Daddy sponges sanitary?

Scrub Daddy sponges are very sanitary. They are extremely easy to rinse food out of it so they don’t hold bacteria and they dry really quickly, so they remain odourless. It can also be popped in the dishwasher for an extra good wash, too.
If you have any questions about Scrub Daddy sponges or anything other cleaning products, don’t hesitate to get in touch.