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Catering supplies

Find all your kitchen and cleaning supplies here at 123ink.ie. Everything you need for your office facilities, from coffee to cleaning supplies, at the lowest prices. Order now for fast delivery in Ireland.
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Catering supplies

Get your office catering supplies here

Where can I find the cheapest catering items?

123ink.ie has a wide range of catering products for your office facilities, from kitchen supplies to cleaning products for washrooms, all at low prices.

Where can I find cheap cleaning supplies?

123ink.ie has all the cleaning supplies you need to keep your facilities clean and maintained such as bleach, antibacterial spray, disinfectant cleaner, dishwasher tablets, air fresheners and more, as well as handy maintenance items such as screen protections wipes and sprays.

Where is the best place to buy office canteen supplies?

At 123ink.ie, you can find all of the kitchen essentials you need for your office canteen. All available in bulk and for great prices. Get everything from coffee, tea and biscuits to washing up liquid, hand sanitiser and dispensers. All the essentials you need for fast Irish delivery.