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Mono Laser Printers

Order cheap monochrome laser printers from well-known brands such as Brother, HP, Canon, Xerox and more here. We have a large range of fast and efficient black and white printers in stock and we always offer low prices and fast delivery.

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Order cheap black and white laser printers here

We stock a wide range of cheap mono laser printers here. Black and white laser printers are very efficient and are designed to print large print volumes, suitable for large offices or busy home offices. Print, copy, scan and fax documents with an all-in-one monochrome laser printer, or choose a small laser printer to suit your home office desktop.

Choose from popular laser printer brands such as Brother laser printers, or HP laser printers. Keep in mind that our laser printers only come with a small amount of toner for a test print, so it's advised to buy toner for your laser printer so you can print without restraint. Opt for our cheap compatible toners to reduce your toner costs, all with a 100% guarantee. We also advise ordering a printer cable, as it's not included with the laser printer.

Advantages of laser printers

Now that you know how laser printers work, below are the benefits you can expect when considering a laser printer for your home or office.

  • Laser printers have lower running costs and are the more economical option, in the long run, achieving a low cost per print.

  • Laser printers are ideal for printing large volumes of documents. Toner cartridges can print thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of pages, which is what makes laser printers ideal for frequent office use.

  • Laser printers have faster printing speeds than inkjets so work best for multiple users with busy schedules. 

  • Laser printers don't dry out and are always ready to print, even if you go weeks in between print jobs.

  • Laser printers have more advanced features suited to business use such as automatic document feeders, duplex features and large paper tray feeders.

As you can see there are many advantages to choosing a laser printer. If you’d like to weigh up your options more, you can read about the differences between laser printers and inkjet printers.

Advanced laser printer features to look out for

Laser printers have many advanced features that make them appealing for business use. View some of them listed below. 

  • One feature to look out for is the print speed- this will determine how fast the printer operates, and thus its printing efficiency. It will be defined by ppm (pages per minute). For an office setting, a speed of 20ppm-40ppm is pretty fast and efficient. A speed of over 40ppm is excellent for large print volumes.

  • Paper input tray- A large paper input tray saves you time, so you can spend more time focusing on your work, and less time replacing the paper in the feeder. Some laser printers come with a paper tray capacity of up to 1,000 sheets. You can also buy separate paper trays to increase the amount of paper you can store in the tray.

  • ADF- ADF stands for Automatic Document Feeder and it means that the paper is fed into the printer automatically, eg. copying or scanning without having to manually insert paper, saving you valuable time.

  • Duplex- With Duplex, you can print on both sides of the document, a very effective way to save paper and money.

All of these features will ensure you get the most efficient, speedy printer.

Some further questions to ask yourself 

You can ask yourself the following questions to further narrow down your laser printer choice:
  • Do you require WiFi? (a wireless connection)

This means that you can connect your laser printer to your local wireless network without a USB cable or Ethernet cable. WiFi printers do not need cables and you can place your printer anywhere there is coverage, so you can connect more computers to the one printer.
  • Do you require an All-In-One laser printer or Multifunctional laser printer?

An All-In-One or Multifunctional laser printer can print, scan, copy and, in some cases, also fax. You will notice some printers say (3 in 1) or (4 in 1) after the printer model, which is what it refers to.
  • Do you require mobile printing?

Some laser printers come with the ability to print from your mobile device, a very convenient feature for busy schedules and busy offices, for printing on the road, or even printing documents directly from your phone.
  • What size format will you be printing?

Format refers to document size, if it says A4 laser printers, then it means you can print using A4 paper, if you require a laser printer that can print larger sizes, e.g an A3 laser printer, then it is A3 paper that you will need.

These additional questions will make sure you choose a laser printer model with the correct features for you.

Toner for your monochrome laser printer

As monochrome laser printers only require one toner cartridge- a black and white toner- this reduces the costs associated with printing. Reduce your costs even further by opting for a 123ink compatible toner for your laser printer. Toner cartridges can print a very large amount of pages compared to ink cartridges and so last a lot longer. You can also replace your drum for your mono laser printer, here at 123ink.ie, when it is necessary, although drums do not need to be replaced so often.

For more information on laser printers, don't hesitate to contact us or consult our laser printer comparison guide here.

If none of the information above sounds right for your needs, perhaps an inkjet printer would suit you better.

How do laser printers work?

The main difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer is that laser printers use toner cartridges, not ink cartridges. Toner is a dry powdery substance that is chemically created, and placed inside a drum. The positively charged toner is attracted to the negatively charged imaging drum and sticks to these parts of the drum. Through an electrostatic process, a laser beam is passed back and forth over the negatively charged drum to define a charged image. The drum then selectively collects the electrically charged toner and transfers the image to paper, which is then heated and melted onto paper to create high-precision prints.

We have all experienced electrostatic processes in our everyday lives, or what we refer to as 'electric shocks'. For example, if you have ever tried rubbing a balloon off of your hair, causing that static feeling, or causing your hair to stand up! This is due to opposite static charges building up both on your hair and the balloon, just the same as in the laser printing process. Due to this process, laser printers are designed to withstand long-term and frequent use and because of this, they make the perfect office printer. You can read more about how to maintain a laser printer in this blog to ensure your laser printer has a long life.


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