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A note about these testimonials;All of the comments below are contributions from genuine customers, starting from April 2010. Typos and spelling mistakes are our customers' of course (said with tongue-in-cheek!!)
May 2024

Maria, Galway, May 12th, 16.07
I am delighted to find an Irish website with the variety of products you offer, with fair prices, and great customer service.

Valerie Wexford May 9th 9.15
We were delighted with your product, and the speedy way that it was delivered, and we will certainly be using your company again.

Martin, Clare, May 8th, 14.54
Very happy with the service.
Quality of product met expectation.
Certainly will be using your service in the future.

April 2024

Andrew, Dublin, April 24th, 10.43
It was a pleasure doing business with you, quick no hassel and fast delivery. 
Could not ask for more. I have been looking for ages to find a location in Ireland that would sell those batteries. 
Previously I would have looked at Amazon. 
However they do not deliver to Ireland any more. So I will be using you for all future purchases. 

Tony, Dublin, April 23rd, 9.14
Great service, 
thanks very much

Tony, Cavan, April 16th, 11.21
Brilliant service, easy site to use, magnificent customer care from purchase to product arrival at buyers address. 

Hilda, Dublin, April 15th, 9.02
Very happy with the service.
Thank you, all well, will order from you again.

March 2024

John, Wexford, March 22nd, 17.04
You provided a good service, my product was safely delivered.

Alison, Dublin, March 14th, 12.04

Tony, Cavan, April 16th, 11.21
Brilliant service, easy site to use, magnificent customer care from purchase to product arrival at buyers address. 

Patricia, Waterford, March 12th, 9.40
Great service.

Mary, Mayo, March 12th, 9.03
Excellent thanks.

Adrienne, Cork, March 11th, 12.28
Did a great job.
Thank you.

February 2024

Jill, Clare, February 29th, 17.14
Your service was absolutely 5 star.
I only ordered it Thursday & had it Friday.
Fitted Friday night so a very happy woman again with my dyson with new battery.
Thank you so much. I would highly recommend your service.
Regards from 1 very happy customer 😀

Ian, Dublin, February 22nd, 10.40
I DO agree…very prompt delivery, reasonably priced and of course we got exactly what we ordered.
This was my first order and I can advise that we will be certainly be repeat customers.

Laura, Wexford, February 19th, 9.03
Amazing service you provide.
Thanks a million.

Frank, Galway, February 16th, 18.37
Very prompt.
Thank you.

Fintan, Carlow, February 15th, 21.08
Brilliant service.

P., Dublin, February 9th, 13.43
Excellent...5 stars.

Audrey, Longford, February 1st, 9.48
I was amazed at how fast the service was.

January 2024

Ann, Tipperary, January 31st, 21.42
Very happy with everything. Thank you.

Jean, Kilkenny, January 30th, 17.22
Excellent couldn't believe it when my order arrived next day

John, Galway, January 27th, 14.55
Very fast and efficient service.
Will be using again. Thanks.

Jean, Kilkenny, January 30th, 17.22
Excellent couldn't believe it when my order arrived next day

Mary, Kerry, January 24th, 13.31
Very good service.
Thank you.

Emelyn, Wicklow, January 23rd, 9.18
I am pleased with my purchase.
Everything was seamless from ordering to delivery.

Patrick, Dublin, January 23rd, 7.14
I am pleased with my purchase.
Everything was seamless from ordering to delivery.

Nolene, Limerick, January 22nd, 14.55
Customer service was excellent and very delivery.
10 out of 10.

Pat, Dublin, January 19th, 10.33
Full marks for your valued service.
You will get my next order.

Marie, Kerry, January 17th, 10.16
We are pleased with your service.
Prompt and efficient.

Annie, Dublin, January 15th, 9.07
We were happy with our order and it delivered very quickly.

December 2023

Catherine, Wexford, December 14th, 16.56
Amazing service. We got the parcel in the post today.

Frank, Dublin, December 14th, 14.31
great service
thank you

Clare, Dublin, December 13th, 20.08
Many thanks for all the help. My cartridges arrived today.

Catherine, Wexford, December 13th, 14.31
very happy with service .
Ordered ink and filament for my son for Christmas last week .
The ink arrived very happy Rob gave us a call and recommended your brand so
I’m really happy with it.

November 2023

Michael, Laois, November 29th, 10.03
Very good and fast delivery thank you

Elizabeth, Dublin, November 27th, 9.00
Easy website to navigate.
Found what I wanted and had in two days.
Excellent service

Harry, Clare, November 25th, 14.00

Margaret, Clare, November 22nd, 19.57
Very happy with your service.
Thank you.

Richard, Kilkenny, November 22nd, 12.35
100% Thanks a million.

Mary, Laois, November 21st, 9.56
I was extremely impressed with your service.
Lovley lady phoned with better offer than my order. Refunded the difference.
I will definitely order with you from now on.
Also recommend you to family and friends.
Pity other business people don't have your ethics. Thank you.

Dave, Limerick, November 17th, 13.39
Thanks for the quick service and deliveries on my last orders you have a brilliant company.
And thanks for the pens and highlighters as well :)

Patrick, Dublin, November 15th, 9.36
The order arrived immediately.
Very satisfied.

James, Monaghan, November 10th, 17.30
Excellent service, will order from you again.
Thank you

Mark, Tipperary, November 8th, 12.19
Great service 5 stars

Roger, Cavan, November 7th, 11.04
Yes Anne, first time doing business with 123ink and I must say, it was seamless and delivery was fast.

Maire, Dublin, November 2nd, 19.48
Excellent experience, will use again.

October 2023

Brian, Cavan, October 31st, 9.02
Very happy thanks

John, Limerick, October 26th, 9.00
Next day delivery.

Caroline, Dublin, October 26th, 12.52
I am delighted with my purchase and have gone mad putting labels on everything!!🙂

Peter, Mayo, October 25th, 12.20
The customer service was tops.
Your office contacted me to advise me that the two printer cartridges were being shipped and were received within a couple of days or do from the order.
I also like that you can talk to a “live” person at Ink.ie Doesn’t get much better than that.
Keep up the good work and I will contact you for all future orders.
Many thanks, Peter

Thomas, Mayo, October 24th, 10.05
Very impressed with the refills will be ordering more in the future

John, Tipperary, October 20th, 12.15
Thanks a million guys.
The package came today as expected. Much appreciated.

Ada, Cork, October 19th, 16.42
My order arrived promptly, and am happy with the service.

Barry, Clare, October 19th, 11.23
You’re the best 😉

Katrina, Dublin, October 19th, 10.26
im delighted with the fast service

Anne, Cork, October 19th, 9.00
I was very happy with the prompt delivery of my items

Pamela, Donegal, October 17th, 10.54
Fantastic!! So appreciate your great service, price & product.
Thank you.

Louise, Mayo, October 14th, 9.28
Outstanding service.
I ordered a mouse a few weeks ago for myself. Then ordered the same one for my daughter.
Great choice, Easy to order, Product perfect, delivery was super fast. 👌

September 2023

Shenny, Meath, September 29th, 8.06
It was an excellent service, will definitely use you again.
Thank you.

Diana, Donegal, September 29th, 7.03
I got the order perfectly.

Tom, Tipperary, September 27th, 14.28
Ye were absolutely brilliant and I would pass on the word to anyone that needed your type of products/ services
Many thanks.

John, Kildare, September 27th, 8.39
Very fast,
Very cheap.

Brendan, Galway, September 21st, 12.34
I really appreciated a call from Laura to give me some very helpful feedback on my order.
Thank you.

Catherine, Dublin, September 20th, 6.39
Now that’s what I call excellent customer service.

Jesse, Cork, September 19th, 11.35
I can confirm that the product arrived on time and was in excellent condition.
I am very pleased with your service.
I hope to make future orders, particularly the ink toners.

S, Dublin, September 15th, 12.45
You surely did do everything right!
I had the package on Saturday almost before my breakfast!
This is only my second purchase, but it will not be my last.

Ian, Meath, September 11th, 13.30
Thanks for your message..
I was very impressed by the service I received from 123ink.ie.
The cartridge I order came quickly and I was impressed with the little treats of a highlighter marker, and logo pen...
I would highly recommend your service to anybody and I will be using you again.
Thanks. 👍

Mary, Offaly, September 11th , 8.03
Absolutely delighted ordered on Sunday arrived Tuesday could not believe received order so fast will be definitely ordering again.

Joe, Dublin, September 5th, 9.10
An excellent service.
Thank you.

Soren, Sligo, September 1st, 9.50
You were excellent.
I shall be returning.

Jamie, Tipperary, September 1st, 9.00
Your service was fantastic as always.
Always such a joy to receive the items so promptly.
Quality of the print is great.

August 2023

Steeve, Galway, August 30th, 15.37
Just a line to say thank you so much for your speedy service.
My order, placed at 2.45pm yesterday, arrived at 9.55am.

Rory, Limerick, August 29th, 16.09
Just wanted to send a quick mail to thank everyone at 123ink for the incredible, efficient service.
My order was very small and I received a free pen and highlighter.
I appreciate this immensely.

Clare, Tipperary, August 28th, 11.03
I was very happy with the fast delivery service and the cartilages ate working well.

Michael, Kilkenny, August 26th, 15.46
Got two ink cartridges from you last week.
Got unbelievable service from your company.
Next day delivery.
So I'm very satisfied with your service .
Will definitely order from you again .

Emma, Tipperary, August 26th, 8.08
pleasantly surprised my order arrived so quickly,
also it was very straight forward to place my orders.

Mairead, Westmeath, August 25th, 9.18
pleasantly surprised my order arrived so quickly,
also it was very straight forward to place my orders.

Mairead, Westmeath, August 25th, 9.18
All I can say is wow 👌 what a fantastic company.
The service is unbelievable.
Will definitely recommend it to everyone I know.

Mairead, Westmeath, August 25th, 9.18
All I can say is wow 👌 what a fantastic company.
The service is unbelievable.
Will definitely recommend it to everyone I know.

Brendan, Westmeath, August 24th, 12.19
Spot on Anne, spot on! It was very efficient and good value for money.
Many thanks.

Shane, Cork, August 24th, 11.04
Spot on Anne, spot on! It was very efficient and good value for money.
Next day delivery.
Great prices.

William, Cork, August 24th, 12.19
Spot on Anne, spot on! It was very efficient and good value for money.
The delivery was also very fast arriving within just 2 working days from my order despite the very bad storm we had in between.
I’m using my printer now and could not be happier with my purchase. Thank you so much for a great experience.
I cannot recommend this site enough and I will be using 123ink.ie again for future purchases.

Olga, Dublin, August 23rd, 9.17
The service was excellent I received my ink within 12 hours of ordering, I will be happy to use your service again.

Desmond, Galway, August 23rd, 10.30
It really was an almost unbelievable experience.
I have never had service like it in my 87 years.
I really mean that. I've had everything from no service to terrible service, indifferent service to good service, but not ever such great service.
I told sent a message saying that the colour was wrong.
But whilst I was double-checking and finding that I had left a tag on the black ink, Danny had already answered my message and I was able to tell him all was well, and received a nice reply.
The cartridges were delivered in record time, in perfect condition. They also work perfectly, without the green tag on! I am committed to 123ink.ie from now on, for anything I need that 123 has available, Also, the vast amount of information which is on the website is fantastic.
There is not a single thing that is not satisfactory on the site. I thank you all very much and wish you every success in the future.
Wish I had found the site ages ago.
Please don't stop. Best regards. Thank you. 👍👍

Michael, Wexford, August 23rd, 13.35
Just to let you know the service was fantastic, I will never buy ink anywhere else from now on. I will be placing regular orders with ink.ie from now on.

Roisin, Dublin, August 23rd, 13.07
Your service was great. Ink arrived the next day.

David, Waterford, August 23rd, 9.00
Top class service. Will be back. Thanks again.

Anna, Cork, August 22nd, 9.16
You did outstanding as usual. Very speedy delivery. Thank you!

Kelda, Sligo, August 22nd, 10.08
Your service was excellent and delivery so speedy. Thank you. I will try your own brand ink next time as I am now confident in your service.

Grainne, Clare, August 22nd, 12.11
i found the site excellent & very prompt delivery .
Will definitely use again 👍🏻👍🏻

Clive, Dublin, August 21st, 19.27
Just wanted to say thanks for the order placed yesterday and received today.
Very impressed and we will be a repeat customer.

Lisa, Kildare, August 20th, 16.56
I was very happy with the service!
The inhouse product is doing a great job and I can see no difference between this and the branded product I usually buy. I was very satisfied with the price.
Postage and timeframe of delivery was excellent.
Thank you.

July 2023

Jeremy, Co. Wexford, July 20th, 10.31
Great - Good price arrived next day could not ask for anything else.
Thank you 😊.

Eileen, Co. Meath, July 18th, 9.11
I was very happy with your service.
Thank you.

Marian, July 18th, 14.50
Thank you - everything was fine.

Mary, Co. Dublin, July 16th, 13.14
I found your service to be both excellent and efficient.

I will definitely be back to you and will recommend your company.

Máiréad, Co. Dublin, July 15th, 14.50
Thank you for your email and yes your service was perfect and extremely fast - I order it and the next day I had it - very impressed.

Great service, super fast and great prices too.

Niamh, Co. Cork, July 13th, 14.50
I was delighted with the order and would be more than happy to order from 123ink.ie again

Rory, Co. Dublin, July 12th, 19.05
I was very happy with my delivery price is very good and it was lovely gesture the biros and ice scraper.

The order to delivery time was very fast. Thank you

Patricia, Co. Dublin, July 11th, 8.58
Brilliant service very fast from ordering to delivery within 24 hours.
The products I bought are hard to get anywhere else.
Good value for money.

Bernardine, Co. Kildare, July 10th, 7.05
Very impressed with the speed of the service – I ordered in the afternoon and toners arrived the following morning😊
And great price too.
Thank you, will definitely use you again and will recommend to colleagues.

Manton, Co. Tipperary, July 9th, 9.50
We are very happy with the product.
From the time we ordered it, till we received the product it was delivered fast.
Your products are well priced , and good quality.
We will be ordering again from yourselves.
Thank you.

Margaret, Co. Dublin, July 9th, 12.30
Excellent, great value and cartridges arrived the next day.
Thank you.

Ciara, Co. Clare, July 8th, 11.40
Great service. Processed without any issue, with a next day delivery.

Marie-Louise, Co. Kerry, July 8th, 10.30
Very happy, thank you!

Dan, Co. Kildare, July 8th, 17.36
All good and a speedy delivery.

Gudrun, Co. Limerick, July 8th, 19.50
Very happy, thank you!

Deborah, Co. Offaly, July 8th, 16.30
Very happy, thank you!

Niamh, Co. Mayo, July 8th, 11.50
I was very impressed with your service.
I received my ink the next day.
Great value and prompt service.
Thank you.

Alan, Co. Kildare, July 7th, 13.50
Thank you for your email. I have to say my experience has been very positive.
The product was priced competitively, cheaper than that very large online retailer that shall remain nameless!
Even though the product ordered was not in stock.
I was kept informed by your customer service dept.
Once the product came in to stock it was despatched promptly and received next day.

John, Co. Kerry, July 7th, 8.20
Will definitely buy from you again in the future.

Josephine, Co. Tipperary, July 7th, 16.12
Very happy, thank you!

Jijo, Co. Wexford, July 6th, 12.07
The product is very good, I am happy with your service.
Next time I will order from your website.

Stephen, Co. Dublin, July 6th, 11.19
Very happy with the speed of the order, and the complimentary pens.

Paul, Co. Tipperary, July 6th, 22.50
Great service; keen prices; prompt delivery, easy to order online all in all very good service.

Amanda, Co. Louth, July 6th, 10.15
I was very happy with my order thank you.
I will be ordering more products from your company in the future.

Isabelle, Co. Dublin, July 6th, 13.07
I am very pleased with your service, I received the goods within a day or two of ordering, they were perfect and the best value.

Dearbhail, Co. Galway, July 6th, 8.10
Service was super fast, thank you.
Keep up the good work.

Conn, Co. Kerry, July 5th, 12.25
I found the whole process very efficient.
Product arrived next day and exactly as ordered.

Linda, Co. Cork, July 5th, 9.59
Everything was great thank you very much speedy delivery and all which was great.

Caroline, Co. Cork, July 5th, 10.40
My order arrived the next day, I was delighted, thank you, great service.

Linda, Co. Cork, July 5th, 9.59
Everything was great thank you very much speedy delivery and all which was great.

Patricia, Co. Kerry, July 5th, 6.10
The service was excellent - great prices, quick delivery.
Thank you so much.

Basil, Co. Wicklow, July 4th, 4.35
Thanks for the best price and fast delivery service.

Neil, Co. Galway, July 4th, 17.50
Efficient service.
Thanks no complaints.

Brian, Co. Dublin, July 4th, 21.22
I was seriously impressed with your speed of delivery, which was literally the next day!

Marile, Co. Dublin, July 4th, 23.47
Service was super fast, thank you.
Keep up the good work.

Yvonne, Co. Dublin, July 3rd, 9.56
Many thanks for my delivery of ink
Very prompt with an update of delivery on several occasions.
Highly recommended your services.
It’s a pity everyone else's delivery were as good as yours 🤪

David, Co. Dublin, July 1st, 9.56
Delighted with the service.
The printer arrived the day after I placed the order and its working perfectly.

June 2023

Tom, Co Dublin, June 29th, 09.31
I ordered my ink on Friday evening and it arrived on Saturday.
Unbelievable, thank you for your prompt delivery.

Tom, Co Dublin, June 29th, 09.31
I ordered my ink on Friday evening and it arrived on Saturday.
Unbelievable, thank you for your prompt delivery.

Mary, Co. Limerick, June 22nd, 14.50
I was very happy with my delivery price is very good and it was lovely gesture the biros and ice scraper.
I will be ordering from you again.
Thank you

Eileen, Co. Cork, June 20th, 17.05
Ink arrived this morning, works perfectly and the pens were a nice bonus.
Thank you I will be ordering again.

David, Co. Dublin June 20th, 8.20
Thank you so much for that Shannon.
Like I said you’re ‘Simply The Best.’

Brian, Co. Westmeath, June 19th, 15.45
A quick email to thank you for your superb efficiency.
The ink that I ordered on Friday arrived this morning and I am very grateful.
Excellent service.

Adam, Co. Dublin, June 19th, 22.10
Thanks so much for that.
I received the ones I ordered last week and they are working absolutely perfectly.
Thanks a million for the customer service, it’s honestly second to none and I really appreciate it.

Sharon, Co. Kilkenny, June 17th, 8.25
I’ve just received the adapter in the post. Wow I didn’t expect it so soon.
Thank you and your colleagues for your excellent customer service.

Shannon, Co. Meath,June 15th, 20.15
Just a quick email to say thanks you. The ink arrived this morning.
A customer for life I assure you.
Thank you again for all your help, you really went above and beyond.

Daniel, Co. Mayo, June 12nd, 19.55
My HP cartridges arrived today and are working perfectly.
Thank you for being so helpful and sorting my problem so promptly.
You so impressed me with your customer service.

John, Co. Mayo, June 10th, 17.22
A message came up on my printer on the weekend telling me to ‘contact Epson support’ I rang your company to see if you supplied these pads.
The phone was answered by a lovely lady called Katy who did an immediate check but couldn’t find an answer at that stage.
To save me waiting on the line she said she’d call me back.
Then she did only to inform me that you didn’t stock this item regrettably, she was very apologetic.
This lady is an excellent ambassador for your company!
When I find somebody like this who is very helpful to me, I inform management.
I would be most grateful if you could thank young Katie for her help.
I don’t know the lady and never met her.

Steve, Co. Cork, June 7th, 15.02
Wow!! I only ordered the machine yesterday afternoon and it’s here!
On Cape Clear and working by 12 noon today!!!

Seriously, seriously impressed with the speed of delivery.

Susan, Co. Kildare June 4th, 12.24
Thank you received order, great service.

May 2023

Annette, Co.Cork, May 22nd, 10.30
Thanks for that.
I've really enjoyed dealing with 123ink.
Staff were so helpful when incorrect ink was received.
I will be back to deal again.

James, Co. Clare, May 20th, 14.30
Wow, thank you so much. that’s a brilliant service, and thank you for making it so easy.
I really appreciate it.

Aideen, Co. Cork, May 19th, 13.12
Thanks a million, you have been absolutely brilliant.
I’m so grateful.
Chat to you soon.

Gerry, Co. Galway, May 7th, 12.49
Many thanks for your prompt response and for replacing the faulty cartridge,
I can only complement 123ink and look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Rob, Co. Cork, May 7th, 11.33
Thanks for your help. And excellent service.
You most definitely have gained a new customer,
I will support you at every opportunity.

Siobhan, Co Cork, May 5th, 10.20
I'm very happy with the Customer support I've had from you.

April 2023

Eddie, Co. Kildare, April 19th, 7.45
Hi 123ink.ie team,
Thank you very much to all concerned, I am very impressed with your efficiency and response.
It is very much appreciated.

Mary, Co. Donegal, April 12th, 13.30
Terrific service ink arrived next day.
Couldn’t be happier.
It is very much appreciated.
Thank you.

Michelle, Co. Donegal, Feb 14th, 13.07
I do not know why I am surprised but every single time, it happens.
Almost every single order I have ever made to 123ink has arrived within 2-3 days at most which is brilliant. Mostly, things I order from you arrive the next day, which is just fantastic.
I wish more businesses were like you. I want to say thank you for a great service and pretty decent prices.
I should remember to look for more products than ink on your site more often.
You have delivered a little joy today. Thank you.

Lionel, Co. Dublin, April 11th, 11.11
Hi thanks for your service, I wouldn't deal with any other ink company. 
Only 123ink... A+ thank you again. 

Frank, Co. Dublin, April 8th, 20.05
I ordered replacement cartridges a few weeks back on a Friday afternoon and was gobsmacked to see them arrive on Saturday morning.
Well done on fantastic service.

Stephanie, Co. Clare, April 3rd, 7.30
Good evening. I would just like to thank you for your excellent customer service! I placed an order Thurs evening and it arrived Friday morning! Not only that but what I had ordered there was a better offer and I was contacted straight away, changed my order ! It was such a pleasure receiving such great service! Even the packaging was delightful 2 little surprises in the parcel much appreciated and I will definitely be using your company again and highly recommending it! I was looking for Canon ink and doubtful about using your name brand so for any other customers.
Don't be doubtful and purchase the value for money 123ink brands!!! Thanks again!

Austin, Co. Westmeath, April 3rd, 21.31
Many thanks for your email.
My recent order arrived on time, and I was very pleased with the service and price of your printer ink.
No doubt , I will be ordering more products from you in the near future.

March 2023

Sheila, Co. Wicklow, March 31st, 10.47
You offer a fantastic service prompt delivery which is fantastic and the product was exactly as it was advertised.
Wishing you all the very best for the future.
Kind regards

Jim, Co. Dublin, March 28th, 9.04
'Laser' delivery at 9.00 am this Tuesday morning. Is this a record or the norm? 
Thanks a lot.

Jim, Co. Dublin, March 14th, 13.07
Replacement cartridge arrived at 10:00 this morning.
I just tried it now and it worked first time out of the box.
Is there anything I should day with the old cartridge?
On an separate note your service is EXCELLENT.
I am really impressed.

Oisin, Co. Dublin, March 23rd, 9.14
I just want to say thanks to the incredibly helpful lady who called me up after my order was put through to offer me a different ink cartridge with more ink and a lower cost instead of what I had ordered. 
Thank you very much for delivering excellent customer service. 
Kind regards, 

Denis, Co. Dublin, March 19th, 11.40
Good morning,
I found you service highly efficient and will use it again. 

Joe, Co. Wicklow, March 8th, 13.00
I can't believe that the above order, placed only at mid-day yesterday, arrived on my doorstep - by An Post - at just after 8am this morning. 
What a very, very impressive service. 
Compliments to 123ink.Once again, apart from the above little item, I repeat that it's a pleasure to do business with 123.ink.

Denis, Co. Galway, March 1st, 18.46
I can't believe that the above order, placed only at mid-day yesterday, arrived on my doorstep - by An Post - at just after 8am this morning.
What a very, very impressive service.
Compliments to 123ink.I got the replacement drum unit, thank you. I fitted it and the printer is now printing perfectly. 

February 2023

Tom, Co. Mayo, Feb 22nd, 10.15
The new ink cartridge just arrived I fitted it and printer is working perfect.
Thanks for your help and amazing service.

Gordon, Co. Dublin, Feb 21st, 12.42
Re my order, handling and speed of delivery was brilliant.

Tim, Co. Dublin, Feb 14th, 13.07
Replacement cartridge arrived at 10:00 this morning.
I just tried it now and it worked first time out of the box.
Is there anything I should day with the old cartridge?
On an separate note your service is EXCELLENT.
I am really impressed.

John, Co. Dublin, Feb 9th, 13.02
Thank you I got my printer ink today I only ordered it yesterday afternoon.
And thank you for the free pen.

Mary, Co. Kerry, Feb 9th, 13.28
The above item was received by me in excellent time following the placing of order.
It arrived in good condition and although I haven’t yet used it extensively I do believe that it will live up to expectation.
And the email info about day of despatch etc was very reassuring.

Mary, Co. Waterford, Feb 4th, 16.20
I would just like to say a big thank you for a brilliant service.

January 2023

Lynne, Co.Cork January 30th, 9.31
This company is brilliant.
Their own brand ink is great, I've used it since I got my printers, which is a good few years ago now.
Never had any problems. And it's a heck of a lot cheaper than branded ink.
They are really quick with delivery too.
Order today, you will have it tomorrow.
Excellent customer service too.

 John, Co. Cork, January 28th, 11.30
I ordered the above 4-pack from you at 12 noon yesterday (Friday) -
That is such excellent service - I'm really impressed, and you now have a customer for life! Well done to all your team (and An Post too).
Thanks a mill.

 Barbara, Co. Dublin,January 27th, 8.39
Dear 123ink.ie Online Team,
I hope you are all keeping well.
I just want to say a big 'THANK YOU' for my order I received on Tuesday.
I am delighted with my order and the free pens were a nice surprise.
Thanks again for my order. I will keep your details for future orders.
Have a nice weekend.

Gerry, Co. Dublin, December 27th, 15.34
Hi there just to say thank you for the very efficient and prompt service received my order this morning.
Was also looking for a yearly wall planner but I think you are sold out and wondering if you will be getting any more you might let me know if you are thank you.
P.s I’ll recommend your company to my friends.

 Ben, Co. Dublin, January 22th, 12.20
I recently ordered a twin ink package for my printer and just wanted to say thank you for an excellent service all round!
Working in a customer facing industry I understand the importance of first class service, and you really excelled here!
Firstly, the ink was your own branded recycled cartridges. These are fantastic value and work perfectly
 - you might let me know if possible to return used cartridges for recycling.
Secondly, the order arrived the next day, exactly as promised - thank you.
Thirdly, my package arrived with 2 pens and a handy ice scraper.
Not only a really nice touch for a first time customer but also extremely current and relevant given the recent cold snap.
Kudos to your marketing team for some well-timed merch!
I must say the experience from start to finish was superb! You now have a customer for life.

 Maria, Co. Dublin, January 20th, 7.03
I received the ink today and sincerely thank you for your very kind and efficient service.

 Eileen, Co. Wexford, January 18th, 15.01
Thank you.
Your customer service is excellent, much appreciated.

 Deribhile, Co. Kildare, January 13th, 19.33
Thanks a million Michelle!!!
Really appreciate how quick you helped me & the excellent customer service.
I always choose 123ink & will continue to do so.

 Mary, Co. Dublin, January 13th, 18.19
I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived this morning! Incredible service from yourselves and An Post, and much appreciated!
! Incredible service from yourselves and An Post, and much appreciated!

 Peter, Co. Kerry, January 10th, 13.00
Thanks so much, it arrived this morning, amazing turnaround!

 John & Mary, Co. Mayo, January 10th, 12.29
Thank u for email and ink already received.
Very efficient. Thank u very much.

 Linda, Co. Dublin, January 6th, 11.49
Thank you, I only ordered these labels a couple of days ago, first time using your company.
Labels perfect and service amazing, I'll be using you from now on.

 John, Co. Dublin, January 7th, 14.09
Many thanks for such speedy delivery.
I only ordered the printer ink at 16:54 yesterday and it arrived at 09:37 today.
Great service!

 Noreen, Co. Kildare, January 7th, 14.09
Thank you Orla for your assistance and following this up for me.
Excellent customer service.

 Noreen, Co. Kildare, January 7th, 14.09
Thank you Orla for your assistance and following this up for me.
Excellent customer service.

 Phyllis, Co. Wexford, January 5th, 12.46
Hi received my cables this morn.
Delighted with my order and the pen.

 Phyllis, Co. Wexford, January 5th, 12.46
Hi received my cables this morn.
Delighted with my order and the pen. Really prompt delivery.

 Graham, Co. Wicklow, January 4th, 17.07
Hi Michelle,
Ink received and working perfect, thank you again for your help.

December 2022

Christopher, Co. Dublin, December 1st, 08.27
Hi Michelle.
Spoilt with your good service.

 Aleksandra, Co. Dublin, December 6th, 18.06
Just wanted to thank you for your great service. My order arrived yesterday.
Merry Christmas to all the staff.

 Louise, Co. Wicklow, December 21st, 15.03
I just had to send an email and say how impressed I am with Sean he went above and beyond just now calling me.
He was so friendly, helpful and informative.
Basically I had ordered a tiny ink cartridge but Sean called me to explain that I would find another ink cartridge better I was too scared to order it as I haven't ordered ink before.
Total novice.
He really didn't have to put himself out to call me and explain this I just had to compliment him he is an asset to your company.
I will be telling everyone about you guys and what a lovely experience it was dealing with Sean.
Merry Christmas,

Michael, Co. Wicklow, December 19th, 11.21
Very satisfactory, thank you.
Ciara was very helpful.

November 2022

 Derek, Co. Dublin, November 30th, 13.05
I made a small purchase this morning over the phone I spoke to one of your customer service agents by the name of Keith.
Keith dealt with me with utmost professionalism, courteousness and an extremely friendly manner, having been transferred to sales by Keith all lines where were busy, I transferred back to him and he completed my order without hesitation.
Thanks again to Keith excellent customer service over the phone.
Kind regards,

Cris, Co. Dublin, November 24th, 13.19
I recently ordered a small item (some labels) and when it arrived, I was delighted to discover in the box with it a lovely new deck of cards and some extra pens!
You made my day with such a simple gesture -THANK YOU!
I regularly play cards with my young sons - so not only have you secured my continued custom, but also that of my boys in the future....good on ya.
All the best,

Donal, Co. Dublin, November 23rd, 11.07
I am very pleased to send you details of my recent order to your company. I am a new customer and I have received a fantastic service.
The staff member was Rebecca. She was, without a shadow of doubt, the most helpful and efficient person I have dealt with for many years.
The conversations with Rebecca were very insightful and helpful for me, having got my order corrected and taken the 123Ink instead of HP. I did not need to go to Finglas to change inks but got the service to my house. The savings I made allowed me to get 3 cartridges instead of 2, together with a box of 10 blue biros.
That is a very simplified version of what happened and does not fully describe the details which Rebecca brought to my service.
Kind regards,

Elizabeth, Co. Dublin, November 16th, 18.22
Got my order today and thanks for the Biro.
Very quick service excellent.
Thank you

Ann, Co.Roscommon, November 16th, 14.30
Great service arrived promptly and all good
Thank you

Olwyn, Co. Wexford, November 5th, 10:42
Am not on Facebook or Twitter so can’t post a review there, but I just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of the ink cartridges, and the ballpoint pen & notepad!
I'll happily allow you to post this review & will recommend you to anyone who asks! In fact, you were recommended to me by a friend in the first place.

Tina, Co.Meath, November 3rd, 11:12
Well! I am impressed and delighted, you tick ALL the box's! excellent customer service on the phone, so helpful I was delighted.
Delivery almost at the speed of light. 100% ALL ROUND.
Thank you.

October 2022

Francis, Co. Wexford, October 24th, 16:54
Hello, Just to say thank you for the prompt service. + Thank you for the 2 Ballpoint Pens that were enclosed with the order.
Kind regards,

Frances, Co. Kildare, October 22nd, 11:54
You are the best … the BEST !!!
Parcel arrived on Friday, how magic is that ?!
And thank you for thoughtful ice scraper and pens …. 123 for me !!

Dawn, Co. Cork, October 21st, 16:34
I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service and that the cheaper, bigger volume ink that you advised me to have in place of my HP 301 original, works perfectly.
Thank you and I'll certainly be ordering this type of one again.

Patricia, Co. Dublin, October 11th, 17:23
We are very happy with our new Brother printer and I will placing an order for ink cartridges in the next week or so.
Again, thank you and have a good evening.

Fíona, Co. Dublin, October 10th, 22:35
Many thanks.
Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone at 123ink for your absolutely wonderful service
- helpful, prompt and so very kind!

Patrice, Co. Wexford, 6th Oct 2022, 09:00
First of all i just want to commend you on how quick the printer arrived, next day delivery. I was shocked but very happy.
In my eyes nothing to improve fantastic service and the best price for the printer I wanted. Everything start to finish was uncomplicated.
I will be recommending you to friends.

Gerald, Co.Wexford, 6th October, 9:06
Placed my order on Thursday, item delivered following morning, excellent service and top quality product.

Rodan, Co. Sligo, 5th October, 8:01
Many thanks for your quick delivery.
(Thanks, too, for the pen and highlighter)

Vivienne, Co. Westmeath, October 2nd, 9:17
Very speedy service, loved the recycling bags and pens too.
(Thanks, too, for the pen and highlighter)
Will place an order in future again as good to support Irish.

September 2022

Tom, Co. Dublin, September 29th, 11.15
We are extremely impressed with 123ink.ie and your service - our order arrived the next morning when we were expecting a 2-3 day turnaround.
Your pricing was in line with other on-line retailers we researched. We used your company about 18 months back with similar quality service.
Should we have a need for additional office supplies before our return to the U.S. we will reach out and order from you

Éanna, Co. Dublin, September 29th, 10.19
Thanks! It arrived this morning at 8.30 a.m. I ordered it at about 6.30pm last night.
That’s very impressive.

Darran, Co. Limerick, September 28th, 2.46
Good afternoon.
Just a quick note to say thanks for the ink that I purchased from you yesterday & for the quick delivery too.

Joseph, Co. Sligo, September 26th, 9.36
Great after sales service. I will definitely be ordering my next lot of ink from 123ink.ie.
Truly great service.
Thank you,

Barry, Co. Meath September 23rd, 9.28
I found the website easy to use, competitive prices and very prompt delivery.
No complaints at all, quite the opposite in fact.
Would recommend you.

Aileen, Co. Dublin, September 23rd, 3.37
I was very happy with the speed of delivery and the product I received from 123ink.
Also thank you for the pens and playing cards - much appreciated.
I would have no hesitation in recommending 123ink to my family and friends.
Kind regards,

Collette, Co. Dublin, September 23rd, 8.46
I was very happy with your service. I thought it was excellent.
Firstly I had enquired by email about the possibility of calling to collect an item.
Your staff responded extremely promptly.
Secondly my online order was processed really quickly - it arrived the next day.
And it was also cheaper than other suppliers .
I will definitely use you again!

Tom, Co. Sligo, September 22nd, 9.39
I just wanted to say I had a great experience recently purchasing ink from 123ink.
I couldn’t believe how fast it was delivered and the overall price
I will be back for more!

Arshad, Co. Louth, September 15th, 12.58
The prices of 123ink cartridges are much cheaper than the original one and the delivery was indeed fast.
I was recommended by one of my friends and I'll certainly recommend my friends. 

Fiona, Co. Cork, September 15th, 14.13
Thanks very much.
Very good service and the quality is fab.
Many thanks,

Peter, Co. Dublin, September 12th, 12.09
The inks I ordered arrived the next morning after the day I ordered them.
I could not believe it was so quick and exactly what I ordered. I even got a free gift of a highlighter.
Better service, value and cost than anywhere else I know.
Kind Regards,

Killian, Co. Cork, September 9th, 14.50
I am after ordering from you twice in the last few months.
10/10 on everything

Michael, Co. Dublin, September 8th, 9.22
Excellent and speedy service. I’ll definitely use you again and will recommend your company

Theresa, Co. Cork, September 1st, 13.18
Thank you so much I've already thanked, by phone, your Customer Service dept, but would like to express my appreciation herewith.
This is an amazing service and thanks too for my surprise pens and highlighter.
Again, very grateful for such prompt delivery

August 2022

Eleanor, Co. Cork, August 25th, 8.15
Thank you for being so understanding!
And taking the time to look after the issue of ink cartridges since I put in the replacement cartridges I have had no more issues.
Looking forward to ordering more from you in the future
Thanking you

Jerome, Co. Galway, August 17th, 2.47
Hi Gareth and all Salesteam at 123ink.ie:
The two boxes were delivered this morning.
I want to point out that I am extremely satisfied with the outstanding service provided by all relevant members of your team, and especially sales executive Gareth who proved to be extremely competent and knowledgeable.
While I have not yet set up the printer, I feel sure it will be fine, judging by other aspects of your fine service.
I thank you again, especially Gareth for prompt professional service, and will be glad to mention your company to other potential purchasers of your products as the opportunity arises.
With thanks

Susan, Co. Kildare, August 13th, 10.32
I just want to thank you so much for the delivery of my ink order today.
Delivery was so fast and everything was just perfect.
I would also like to thank you for your little gift of pens will definitely come in handy.

Louis, Co. Cork, August 10th, 1.45
Good Afternoon 123ink. My order was delivered yesterday morning.
Truly great service.
Thank you.

Larry, Co. Wexford, August 10th, 12.02
Thank you so much
I really appreciate this, you have gone above and beyond.
Looking forward to ordering more from you in the future
Have a wonderful day.

Kerrie, Co. Meath, August 4th, 07.15
Many thanks.
The customer service has been fantastic.
I really appreciate your help with this.

May 2022

Des, Co. Cork, May 5th, 11.36
My order which was placed yesterday Wednesday May 4th-
as detailed above -
arrived today May 5th.
Well done! Renewed thanks.
All good wishes.

Katherine, Co. Roscommon, May 4th, 1.43
To whom it may concern:
This morning I rang and talked with Michelle in customer service.
She did an excellent job explaining what I needed to do to pay for an additional item that was included with our order.
After she sent the invoice, Sean was also very helpful in taking my payment over the phone for that invoice.
A big thank you to Michelle and Sean for their excellent service with 123ink!
Kind regards,

W. Lindsay, Co. Dublin, May 3rd, 10.52
Just to say thank you for such prompt delivery of my order for printer parts.
Ordered on Thursday and arrived today, Friday. Amazing service as always.
I've been a customer for many years and have never been disappointed.
Kind regards,
W. Lindsay  

Ted, Co. Kerry, May 3rd, 10.04
Order placed 17.35pm Thursday 28th April.
Delivered 11.15am Friday 29th April. ??!!!!??

Brian, Co. Kerry, May 3rd, 16.09
Good morning Tiegan,
The colour 123ink cartridge that you sent out works.
All good. Thanks for the service you gave and solved the problem.

April 2022

Niamh, Co. Cork, April 27th, 18.31
Thank you so much for your response and such a good service in resolving this matter so quickly.
Kind and very grateful.

Will, Co. Galway, April 26th, 8.31
Guys your customer care deserves some serious bigging up.
I would like you to know that you guys have provided the best customer service, I've had since the start of covid lockdowns.
Huge respect, keep up the good work!

Teresa, Co. Dublin, April 22nd, 10.16
Hello 123ink,
Thank you for the extremely prompt delivery this morning.
I only ordered yesterday evening. Amazing! Also thank you for the free pens inside.
What a lovely surprise!
Kind regards,

Joan, Co. Kerry, April 20th, 10.39
Good morning,
Must just say how very impressed I am, placed a small order,
late yesterday and to my delight and surprise , it has just arrived in this mornings mail.
Now, I am sure nobody can beat that.
Well done and thanks again,
Kind regards,

Brian, Co. Dublin, April 15th, 13.07
I just wanted to thank you very much for the speed and efficiency, which my order was dealt with. –
It was only made yesterday but delivered today.
And also for the free pen and pads which are very much appreciated.
Well done and thank you again.,

Ollie, Co. Dublin, April 14th, 09.00
I just want to say thanks for my recent order which came with complimentary pens and a note pad.
I think that's exceptionally kind of you to do that.
I have been singing your praises with a lot of my friends about the quality of your products,
and your high level of customer thoughtfulness and care
Kindest regards

Susan, Co. Cork, April 14th, 10.50
Hello 123ink Team,
Just a quick email to say how impressed I was with your service recently.
I ordered toner on the 12th April at 6.50pm. It was delivered to my house the next morning before I even woke up.
That is the most insane turnaround time ever.
Thank you so much. Have a great Easter weekend!
Thanks a million,
Kind Regards,

Máire, Co. Kerry, April 13th, 16.09
Hello 123ink Team,
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery. It was a pleasure dealing with your company.
A pity more companies could not take an example from you!
Thank you,

March 2022

Ann, Co. Dublin, March 22nd, 12.22
Thank you for delivery today of ink cartridges.
Delighted to get complimentary pens and cards from you also.
Friend fitting ink cartridge tomorrow ��

February 2022

Andrea, Co. Tipperary, February 23rd, 8.59
thank you for amazing customer service this week.
cartridges ordered.
many companies are doing less of late, and you are doing more :-)
Many thanks,

Bernie, Co. Dublin, February 19th, 5.51
To all the Team,
I thank you all for your incredible service.
From your assistance on the phone re a query on ink cartridges
To the terrific thorough & ease of use website &
incredible next day delivery. Will indeed use your company
Again & most definitely recommend you.
Keep up the great work & Keep Safe.

November 2021

Pauline, Co. Cork, November 2nd, 12.03
Hi All in 123ink,
Many thanks for your quick reply last week.
I was delighted to receive the inks ordered the day after.
Such good service!
Again, thank you,
Kind Regards,

Gerard, Co. Cavan, November 4th, 13.57
To all you team
Thank you very much,
just let you know that I got my ink this morning.
thank you very much for all your help Kind Regards,

David, Co. Cavan, November 5th, 10.12
Good morning
Printer arrived next day,
Thanks for great service all in order.
I don’t do Facebook so just a few words of thanks,

October 2021

David, Co. Dublin, October 8th, 08.10
HP ink cartridge delivered by An Post 41 hours after ordering, what a wonderful service. I will certainly be shopping in 123ink for all of my stationary needs from now on. 

Kevin, Co. Dublin, October 13th, 13.10
Thank you I received my order today 48hr after sending in my order thats fantastic I just wish other company's were as good  thanks again

Teresa, Co. Galway, October 20th, 20.10
Excellent service and thank you

Lou, Co. Dublin, October 28th, 28.10
I just want to say this is a terrific company to order from and to thank Emma in particular who swiftly answered a query I emailed. Thank you to all the team at 123ink.ie My experience to date has been excellent. Orders are quickly delivered and products are very good value and quality. Happy Halloween to All!!! 

September 2021

Cathy, Co. Dublin, September 30th, 09.08
I just wanted to say thank you so much for a speedy and professional service that was excellent value for money.
It was my 1st time ordering with 123ink but it wont be the last!
Loved the little gifts in the delivery too- a very nice touch!
With thanks

Hazel, Co. Meath, September 9th, 8.46
Thank you for my very fast and efficient delivery of my order.
Appreciate little gift of highlighters.
I will use your service from now on.

Carmel, Co. Galway, September 8th, 16.06
I'm seriously impressed with your customer service.
Thank you so much for prompt reply - it really has relieved my stress levels.
I will definitely recommend your company to lots of people.
Thanks again

Caoimhe, Co. Galway, September 7th, 14.39
Great service
Thank you

Helen, Co. Limerick, September 3rd, 10.06
Hi Helen here, I received my ink yesterday thank you
Very fast delivery and also the sticky note pad and highlighter
Very welcome, a lovely touch, thank you

August 2021

Deirdre, Co. Dublin, August 25th, 12.13
I was very impressed with the service I received on my first order.
Firstly, it was delivered the next day, and secondly, I got a phone call before my order was fulfilled offering advice on a less expensive alternative,
but I explained that my choice was necessary on this occasion, but I would be taking his advice the next time.
So terrific to have a company that has real live people looking out for customers, and not the endless robot answering service that is so common.
Well done.

Ann, Co. Westmeath, August 4th, 16.40
Dear Team
First time to order printing material from you and just to say thank you for an excellent service
In particular the continued updates as to the progress of the item.
Best service to date from any company I ordered from online.
Will be dealing with you from now on.

July 2021

Deirdre, Co. Galway, July 29th, 10.47
Hi - I just want to say that I'm well impressed with your overnight delivery of my ink cartridge!
Thank you so much.

Louis, Co. Cork, July 28th, 14:15
Good Afternoon
Just to let you know that my inks arrived 8am this morning
Really brilliant service

Patrick, Co. Dublin, June 27th, 12.22
Brilliant Service........as usual !!

Frank, Co. Mayo, July 20th, 15.26
Hi to you all at 123ink.
Received my order today. Thank you very much.
Kind regards

Daniel, Co. Donegal, July 20th, 12.18
Ink arrived early, great job :)

Margaret, Co. Wicklow, July 15th, 19.33
Delivered in next to no time
Thanks very much

Dympna, Co. Kildare, July 8th, 10:48
I ordered 2 ink cartridges recently. Thank you so much, they arrived the next day, so prompt.
In addition, thank you for the pens, a lovely touch.
I'm studying so I am always looking for pens !
Kind regards

Patrick, Co. Wicklow, July 2nd, 12.49
Hi all,
Order received, great service as usual, thank you.
Pens also much appreciated.
Stay safe.

June 2021

Frank, Co. Laois, June 26th, 19.24
Many thanks for a brilliant service, ordered Wednesday lunch time arrived Thursday morning 8/30
will certainly recommend to family and friends.

Clive, Co. Wicklow, June 26th, 16.14
This order arrived at 07.55 this morning. Thank you for super fast delivery.

Doreen, Co. Donegal, June 25th,12.44
Congratulations, I ordered printer ink at 10.06 a.m yesterday and it was delivered up in Inishowen, Co. Donegal today at 11 a.m.
Well done 123ink.ie.

Mary, Co. Limerick, June 23rd, 15.26
I would like to thank you all for the products received to day.
I must say it was a pleasure to deal with ye all.
Thanking you all,

Paul, Co. Laois, June 16th, 17.59
Received order promptly this morning....thanks so much for that!....
also many thanks for the couple of pens and the pad....something useful indeed...
by the way, happy about the pens...
have an old one from 2 years back...still works well...good pens!
All the best.

Alicja, Co. Galway June 16th, 11.35
thank You so much! the fastest delivery on the world!!!! Ordered ink yesterday afternoon, opened doors early in the mornind today before 8am parcel there!
thank You so much You Guys are the best!!

Eimear, Co. Mayo, June 15th, 14.02
I'm actually blown away with the product and service I've received.
I placed my order yesterday evening and received it this morning.
Your own brand ink is absolutely brilliant!! Half the price of most.
I've been burned with other .ie companies who are not Irish so the fact this company is completely Irish is the best bit!!!

Paul, Co. Dublin, June 12th, 10.22
Your revised order arrived via An Post at 10.00 this morning.
GREAT dispatch and delivery service!
I’ll let you know about the generic cartridge performance.
Many thanks

Tall, Co. Sligo, June 4th, 16.33
Hi thank yu for the quick delivery and also the pens and the notepad.
much appreciated - will buy from you again
thanks alot.

Cathal, Co. Laois, June 4th, 11.22
Hello, Just wanted to say a big thank you for my order. Ye guys offer an amazing service.
I got my toner the very next day from ordering it.
In these crazy times we are living in at the moment ( thankfully coming out of it slowly ) ye guys deserve so much credit.
It's only small but I just wanted to say THANK YOU and keep up the great work.

Paula, Co. Galway, June 3rd, 17.41
I got my delivery ink123.ie by An Post within 24 hours of placing my order well done everyone!
I will recommend your company to all my friends.
Also thank you for the complimentary surprises of a deck of playing cards, two pens and two note pads which l will put to good use.
Kind Regards

Gearóid, Co. Mayo, June 3rd, 13.07
I am shocked! A company actually delivered as promised.
The item was ordered on Tuesday night and arrived via An Post at 9am today.
Congratulations on an excellent service.
You may use this as a reference. It is well deserved.

May 2021

Jim, Co. Dublin, May 31st, 13:14
Good gracious, this was almost instant service. Had not closed my laptop and the package was at the door in less than 12 hours. Thanks see you again 

Mary, Co. Dublin, May 30th, 21:11
Thank you for quick delivery on order....pens an pad were nice touch ......

John, Co. Cavan, May 29th 10:50
Received my order, very pleased with your service. I will be definitely buy again & recommend to my friends and family

Kria, Co. Cork, May 25th, 07:39
I received the ink cartridge today and would like to thank you for the fast response. I just would like to let you know kudos to the great customer service and fast delivery service.
Thank yiu and have a blessed day!

Audrey, Co. Laois, May 16th, 18:34
Hi, I’ve ordered my ink on Wednesday at 15:30, and had it in the post on Friday. Thanks for the service and little extra pens and note pad thanks

Ann, Co. Dublin, May 15th, 10:28
Good Morning 
I must send on  a huge thank you to your business. 
My very first time to use your compony.
My inks arrived this morning and I only ordered them very late thrusday night.
I'm so impressed  with them
Definitely will be using your compony again.and I will also recommend your compony to friends and family to.
Thank you ever so much.
Kind Regards 

Joan, Co. Dublin, May 6th, 13:29
Thank you at 123ink.ie!
I'm not new to your excellent service, glad to see you are still a fantastic company!
Best wishes

Gerard, Co. Dublin, May 5th 12:35
I received the cartridges today -- thank you. The notepad and pens which you enclosed were a nice surprise and thank you very much -- it is a very nice gesture.

April 2021

Pat, Co. Clare, April 23rd, 10.01

Thanks for the excellent experience. Awesome delivery performance...
items ordered at 10 to 5 yesterday evening delivery at 8:30 this morning.
Well done.

Corine, Co. Cork, April 22nd, 15.33

Hi Ann, I was in the rush of getting a label printer for small business and I discovered your website www.123ink.ie.
The customer service was excellent, product arrived in 24hrs the fastest ever delivery, I am so delighted to know your store
and I will recommend it to anyone looking for office supplies.
Amazing service. Kindly Kindly,

Orla, Co. Dublin, April 21st, 18.18
Thanks it has arrived! Seriously fast service! Thank you.

Ailbhe, Co. Galway, April 21st, 14.22

I put through order yesterday at 16.40pm and it has just been delivered now to Connemara, Galway.
This is just an email to say that I am so impressed with the turnaround,
what a great delivery service! Unbelievable especially in these challenging times!
Keep up the good work! 

Eamonn, Co. Wexford, April 20th, 15.14

WOW, that's brilliant service, my order arrived today having just been ordered yesterday afternoon,
Well Done, great service,


Anne, Co. Kildare, April 17th, 10.43

I am extremely impressed with the 123ink.ie and An Post. I placed my order around 6pm yesterday evening and An Post delivered it today at 10:30am. Not only did i get exactly what I ordered but i also got two pens, a note pad and recycle envelope for the used ink cartridge. I will be doing business with you in the future for sure. Excellent service from both Companies. Thanks so much.


Tony, Co. Dublin, April 16th, 10.14

Good morning I want to say well done fantastic service I ordered ink last night about 7pm and it arrived before breakfast today !!
Well done and thanks 


Danny, Co. Monaghan, April 7th, 11.35

Just a quick message to compliment you on your excellent service.
Only ordered yesterday and delivered at 11.30 this morning.
Just great. Well done.


March 2021

Michelle, Co. Galway, March 30th, 16.13

I just wanted to let you know our inkjet is working fine, thank you so much for your help, and patience.
I have to say I have dealt with all different types of customer service and yours was one of the best I’ve dealt with!

Sean, Co. Galway, March 19th, 12.31

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you.
Your service and selection are second to none, you always have what I need and then you get it delivered faster than anything.
I don't know how you do it. I received the toner I ordered yesterday a couple of hours ago.
Once again. Thanks for all you do. It's much appreciated.
All the best
- Sean

Matthew, Co. Wexford, March 19th, 19.15

Thank you Sinead. It is very much appreciated
and I wish other companies could provide such amazing customer service as you've given me.
Kind regards,

Declan, Co. Tipperary, March 19th, 08.59

Ordered Ink on Thursday morning, had a problem at the Check-Out.
I contacted 123ink by email and received a phone call from them within 30 minutes.
They processed my order over the phone and I received delivery of same within 24 hours.
Great service, thank you.

Pat, Co. Wicklow, March 17th, 19.49

Order received today, thank you. That was quick!

Brian, Co. Dublin, March 12th, 17.17

Top of the class, 100%, 5 star! Ordered 5.05pm on thursday and got it in the post friday 10.30am,
now that is a service to be proud of!

John, Co. Kildare, March 8th, 10.42


Gabrielle, Co. Wexford, March 6th, 16.15

Hi All the Team At 123ink,
Many thanks for your prompt dispatching of my ink, and for the courtesy afforded to me at all times.
Its a while now since I received my ink, but I have been meaning to send you this email sooner. Well Done!!!!
I would recommend you to anybody.
Keep up the good work and stay safe.

James, Co. Dublin, March 6th, 13.52

My order arrived here before 9.30 am this morning less than 24 hours after I placed it.
I am very impressed.

Rosamond, Co. Dublin, March 4th, 11.45

Also thank you for a wonderfully prompt service when I ordered and paid for the inks I need by phone.
The parcel arrived this morning in excellent time!
Regards, Rosamond

Mildred, Co. Dublin, March 4th, 18.19

This was my second time to order from your company.
Just want to say thanks for the efficient speedy reliable way you deal with your orders!
Thank you

Harry, Co. Dublin, March 4th, 16.24

Items arrived day after order.That was really FAST..WAY better than all others...h.

Debbie Co. Dublin, March 4th, 11.55

Thanks so much for such a fantastic service, I only ordered at 5:30 yesterday evening and it was delivered at 11:45 this morning!
I cannot recommend enough.
Kind Regards,
February 2021

Michael, Co. Kilkenny, February 27th, 07.08

Hi am using the generic cartridge in my printer 123 ink and working great.

Gerry, Co. Dublin, February 18th, 15.10

"I am absolutely delighted to issue a 5 Star review on the superb value which 123ink.ie provides in terms of superiority of product and efficiency and courtesy of its staff.
I was extremely fortunate to be dealing with Jenny who provided first class service and succeeded in getting my printer operational again.
The problem was with one of the ink cartridges on my HP Printer which I failed to resolve using the troubleshooting links which Jenny very kindly sent by email.
I thought the printer was broken which would necessitate replacing it but Jenny advised that I should in the first instance replace the `faulty`cartridge.
With no prompting from me, Jenny offered to send me a replacement cartridge free of charge which would be delivered to my home address within a few days.
True to her word, the cartridge duly arrived and fixed my problem.
I cant sufficiently thank Jenny for her level of assistance, her courteous manner and above all, her interest in delivering a top class service to its customers.
As a result of my experience, I strongly recommend this company to potential customers as I am confident that you will be provided with gold star treatment
and save loads of money by purchasing their products. Well done Jenny-----your superiors should be very proud of you!!!! "(Gerry (Dublin)

Ann, Co. Leitrim, February 11th, 11.54

Just wanted to say how happy I am once again with your quick and efficient service,
But do not know how to put this up on you site!!!!!.
Many thanks
Take care
January 2021

Joseph, Co. Cork, January 28th, 12.02

Many thanks for your very prompt response.
I ordered the products two days ago and were delivered earlier.
Impressed and grateful.
Thanks again, Joe

Catherine, Co. Longford, January 28th, 10.02

I wish I could give 6 stars, this is an absolutely fantastic company, offering a super service to its customers.
Well done to all involved. Catherine

Elaine, Co. Kilkenny, January 26th, 22.17

I don't know how to add a testimonial but I would like to say that in the many years I have dealt with you I find you to be a very efficient company.
The turnaround on orders is exceptional and customer service second to none. It's a pleasure to be able to buy Irish and shop local.
Thank you. Elaine.

Orla, Co. Sligo, January 25th, 12.43

Thanks guys for such a prompt delivery of my order which I placed on Friday morning and it was delivered to my door this morning.
It makes such a difference to be able to get orders so quickly especially these days between home schooling and working from home,
you go through ink and paper so quickly. I would highly recommend 123ink.ie as they are such a great Irish service.

Clare, Co. Offaly, January 14th, 13.32

Thank you for your prompt action in this matter and for ink cartridges which I received today.
I would have no hesitation in recommending your company.
Regards, (Mrs) Clare Walsh.

Debbie, Co. Cork, January 14th, 11.07

I received my order this morning. Thank you for such a quick delivery.

Martin, Co. Galway, January 13th, 13.15

No problem to report. I did however wish to express my gratitude for your prompt efficient, value for money offerings and service.
I ordered out of hours Monday night and my toner was received in rural Galway Wednesday morning.
I am a returning customer and consider you one of the beacons of service for an Irish based company.
Thank you and I wish you continued success and thank you to each of you involved in making my purchase easy
and delivered with efficiency.

Irene, Co. Donegal, January 13th, 12.39

Thank you for your service & fast delivery. My package arrived at 12.30 pm today.
I will be recommending your Company to my friends from now on.
Again, many thanks,

Dermot, Co. Mayo, January 12th, 19.21

good price and excellent service. I will use your company in future. Dermot

Ciaran, Co. Dublin, January 12th, 14.52

Received with thanks.
Very very quick delivery.

Mark, Co. Sligo, January 12th, 08.30

Absolutely brilliant service got delivery of order this morning.

Siobhán, Co. Dublin, January 11th, 09.31

Just wanted to say thanks for shipping my order so quickly. I placed it at 4pm and it arrived at my door before 10am the next day.
I'm not a business customer and was expecting a much longer timeline for fulfilment, especially given the Covid restrictions,
but was delighted to receive it so quickly.
Thanks a million!
- Siobhán

Gerard, Co. Dublin, January 5th, 15.14

Happy new year to your all and thanks so much for all your help and just let you know I got my inks
December 2020

James, Co. Dublin, December 29th, 09.29

I am VERY happy with the service and would have no hesitation in recommending you to family, friends and colleagues.
I made the order on Monday evening after close of business and received the item today.
It's a very efficient service and you're cheaper than PC world & Harvey Norman.
I will also be ordering ink cartridges from you in future when I run out of ink.
Happy Christmas

Ken, Co. Dublin, December 24th, 00.01


Jimmy, Co. Dublin, December 18th, 16.50

Hi There Just want to congratulate you on the speed and the efficiency between my order,
delivery of my Inks and the help from that wonderful young lady Tara.
My Granddaughter introduced me to and this is my second order I intend to stay with you from now on

Anne Marie, Co. Meath, December 18th, 11.07

Wow. Such quick service. Received with thanks my new order of ink.
Thank you so much Anne Marie

Seán, Co. Galway, December 17th, 19.21

I ordered ink on a Tuesady and it was delivered to me Thursday.
Thank you for your excellent service, it is nice to deal with a good company.
Merry Christmas

Geoffrey, Co. Dublin, December 16th, 10.33

A Chara.. As a customer of yours, I would like to thank you for the service you have given me in the past year.
So let me wish you and your staff a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a prosperous New Year.
Best Wishes. Geoffrey

Christine, Co. Limerick, December 15th, 11.23

Received a short time ago, thank you. Excellent service.

Niall, Co. Dublin, December 12th, 11.52

A little note to say that yesterday afternoon I dealt with you (online) for the first time.
I placed a small order (see below) for ink, which was delivered at 9am this morning by An Post.
I am impressed with the efficiency of my first experience with you, not to mention the free pen,
discount at Wicklow Way Wines and return envelope for recycling used ink cartridges !
Thank you and well done.
Have a very happy Christmas.

Sharon, Co. Carlow, December 5th, 13.31

Wow! That's fast. My Ink cartridges arrived less than 24hrs after I ordered them...and at Xmas time.
Thanks again 123ink.

Shirley, Co. Dublin, December 3rd, 14.53

Hi, I received my order today, thanks for quick delivery,
just want to say thanks for the extra gifts of pens and sticky notes, lifted my spirits!
Kind regards

Steve, Co. Down December 2nd, 14.14

I've just received the Canon printer I ordered from you on Monday afternoon.
My sincerest thanks for its very speedy delivery.
Best wishes,
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