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Here you will find cheap envelopes in many different sizes, colours and styles. We outline the correct envelope types and sizes for their send purpose. You can also order cheap padded envelopes to transport fragile items safely. Order now for low prices and a fast delivery.
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Order envelopes for business | All types and sizes

Envelopes are an integral part of every busy office. Regular correspondence is key for keeping up important communication. That is why it’s important to ensure there is a regular stock of envelopes to hand. The choice of envelopes is varied. With so many shapes and styles of envelopes, it’s important to choose the right envelope for its purpose.

Below, we separate envelopes into their intended purposes below and give recommendations of particular styles. Depending on what you want to send and to the intended receiver, there will be different requirements. Our envelope prices are always competitive to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Best envelope choices for different requirements

Service envelopes for business mail

You can use service envelopes for sending invoices, information messages or other paperwork. Brown manila envelopes are also quite popular and are generally used for either low-cost mailings or filing and document keeping because of their less-transparent quality. We also have special window envelopes, with a transparent window for the address details on the letter. Large contracts that may not be folded in half should be sent in a deed envelope.  

Standard white envelopes for personal mail

If you’re sending regular letters or cards to friends and family, standard white envelopes are the most popular choice. If you want to add some creativity to your personal mail, you can also use coloured envelopes, for example during specific holidays. Use their favourite colour for their birthday, for example, or a red coloured envelope for Christmas.  

Transparent envelopes for promotional use

Transparent envelopes are ideal for sending promotional material. This is because the window allows you to design a sneak preview of the inside content. It gives the opportunity to capture their attention without having to open the letter.

As we know, advertising material can often be discarded without being given a read. Envelopes with a transparent window immediately show your message and/or logo. For brand catalogues or brand brochures, there are also special tear-resistant variants of envelopes that are slightly sturdier.

You can also use coloured envelopes for advertising purposes to make your mail stand out and convey a certain message. A coloured envelope may be used to highlight your brand colours or evoke a certain emotional response. Using colour to make your mail stand is a great advertising tool.  

Padded envelopes for fragile mail

Mail that has a fragile nature requires additional care when packaging and some extra protection during its journey. Use padded envelopes with bubble wrap (also known as bubble envelopes) or board-backed envelopes with a cardboard back for mail with fragile contents. The extra padding will ensure your mail arrives undamaged to the recipient.  

Determining envelopes by paper size

Knowing the size of the paper you want to send is the best guide when choosing envelope size. We recommend choosing one that is about 5 to 10 millimetres larger than the paper you want to send. In addition, it is useful to know that most sizes correspond to the paper sizes.

For example, an A4 paper fits into a C4 envelope, an A5 paper fits into a C5 envelope and an A6 paper fits into a C6 envelope.   If you want to fold the paper that you’re sending, the formats will be slightly different. If you fold an A4 paper in half once, for example, it’s the A5 format you need so, therefore, you need a C5 envelope.

 If you fold an A4 paper lengthways into thirds, then you’ll need a DL envelope. 

See the table below, to see which size fits the different paper sizes.  

Envelope sizes

Paper dimensions

Paper size
EA4 or C4 envelope 210 x 297mm A4
EA5 or C5 envelope 148 x 210mm

A5, A4 in half

EA6 or C6 envelope 105 x 148mm

A6, A5 in half, A4 in quarters

DL envelope 210 x 99mm

A4 in thirds

Envelope paper weights and their uses

The type of paper weight you choose for your envelopes will depend on its purpose and the recipient. You can easily reference the recommended guidelines below. 

Paper weight

Mailing use
80-90 gsm Used for everyday standard low-cost & high volume mailings

100-120 gsm

Used for high quality, deluxe feel mailings

120-30 gsm

Used for additional protection for fragile or high-security mailings

Useful products for sending business correspondence

If you need to print address labels for your business mail, or store your envelopes in a letter tray, we have many valuable products below to assist you when sending important letters.

Common questions

Where can I buy cheap envelopes?

At 123ink, you will find all types and sizes of envelopes for the best prices. Whether you are looking for small or large envelopes, padded envelopes, personal or business envelopes, we have plenty of options in stock for fast delivery.

What’s the difference between self-seal and peel and seal envelopes?

As the name suggests, self-seal envelopes or gummed envelopes require you to apply moisture yourself (commonly with saliva or an envelope moistener); whereas, with peel and seal envelopes, you simply peel off the protective strip to reveal the sticky strip that can then be folded and pressed down to stick.

What are the most popular coloured envelopes for business?

White or brown manilla envelopes are the most popular coloured envelopes when sending business letters. They convey a neutral, professional look. Coloured envelopes are used for more creative businesses or for promotional letters intended to stand out in the mail.

What is the best envelope weight for sending business letters?

The most common standard weight for sending business letters is 80 or 90 gsm. A paper weight of 100/110/120 gsm is more suitable for a deluxe paper feel. Anything above 130 gsm would be ideal for very important or fragile documents that need more protection. These are known as padded gusset envelopes or board-backed envelopes.

If you have any further questions in regard to envelopes, check out our Q&A page or don’t hesitate to get in touch!