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Privacy protector

Fellowes 14 inches 16:9 Priva Screen with blackout privacy filter 4812001 213037
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Description The Fellowes Priva screen privacy filter for 14-inch laptops is ideal for businesses, as an extension of data protection, for commuters and frequent travellers. This professional film ensures your screen is readable only from a direct front view. From a 30 degree side angle screen information is blackened out. Ensuring unwanted viewers will see a darkened screen where data is invisible.
Type: privacy filter Brand: Fellowes
Suitable for: Laptop Screen ratio: 16:9
Type: PrivaScreen Number: 4812001
Material: polyethylene Format: 14 inch
Dimensions: 309.6 x 173 mm View angle: 30 °
Tip: order black laptop sleeve, 15.6 inch

Leitz Complete 6224 black 15.6 inch laptop sleeve for € 25.50

€ 39.50 (sold out) (Incl. 23% VAT)
( € 32.11 Excl. 23% VAT )
Kensington 24inch 16:9 privacy filter 626487 230074
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Description The Kensington privacy filter (24 inch) is ideal if you work with confidential data in public areas. When you place this filter on your monitor, the viewing angle is limited to about 30 degrees and the screen is only readable from a direct front view. This prevents others from watching. The filter is suitable for touchscreens and has a coating that prevents reflection and fingerprints. Harmful blue light is reduced by up to 42%, putting less strain on your eyes and promoting natural sleep. You can repeatedly confirm and remove this privacy filter. Note: Only suitable for 24 inch screens with 16:9 aspect ratio.
Brand: Kensington Screen ratio: 16:9
Type: privacy filter Format: 24 inch
Dimensions: 532 x 299 mm View angle: 30 °
Suitable for: monitor Number: 4815001
€ 99.50 (sold out) (Incl. 23% VAT)
( € 80.89 Excl. 23% VAT )

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