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Face masks

Face masks are an important safety measure in the current climate. Face masks cover the nose and mouth and are recommended to be worn to minimise the spread of airborne particles. Order reusable face masks and disposable face masks here at 123ink.ie, for use in public spaces.

Disposable face masks

We have a few options of affordable face masks available here at 123ink.ie, including single face masks and bundle packs of up to 1,000 masks. These CE marked, medical face masks cover the mouth and nose and can be used as a protective measure in public places or for when you have to make essential journeys.

  • Equipped with 3 layers, the Type 1 certified disposable face masks have a high filtration efficiency for barrier protection against respiratory droplets/splashes. These Type 1 (3-Ply) safe face masks are fully certified and come in packs of 50, 250, 500 and 1,000 masks. These face masks are breathable and skin-friendly, and the elasticated design makes them easy to apply over the nose and mouth.
  • The (Type FFP2 / KN95) medical face masks fit snugly to the face. These certified face masks consist of 3 layers with a filtering effect. The KN95 (FFP2 / N95) masks have a filtration efficiency of 95% and are fully certified to minimise the spread of airborne particles. The material is skin-friendly, making it an easy breathable face mask.

It's important to note that wearing face coverings should not be used as a replacement for following important safety measures as outlined by the HSE such as hand washing and social distancing, but rather as an extra precaution to reduce the risk of the transmission of Covid-19 to others. If you are exhibiting symptoms, you should self-isolate. 

You can also grab a bottle of our alcohol based or alcohol-free hand sanitiser gel, that can be used in conjunction with hand washing to minimise the risk of viral infection.

If you have any further questions about face masks, feel free to contact us.