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Index sheets

Order index sheets here to label your files effectively, for easy referencing. Our index card pages range from 1-5 numerical tabs all the way up to 1-100 numerical index sheets, for larger workloads. Order by 7pm today for fast dispatch the same day!

Index sheets

Easy filing with index sheets!

Index sheets are a great addition to any effective filing system. Index cards provide a summary of the contents of a file or folder. Each line on the sheet can be labelled for easy referencing. This means that you can quickly note which part of the folder to reference, without wasting any time. We have a number of different index sheets available for the best value.


What are index sheets used for?


Index sheets are a popular component of a filing system, whether it be for office, college or school use. Index sheets or index cards are an entry page to a filing system. They usually are lined with a space to insert information about the contents of the folder. Having this index cover page for your file allows you to quickly and easily identify where a piece of information is filed away in your folder. Index sheets are typically numerical or alphabetically marked with pre-punched holes that are compatible with standard folders, binders or lever arch files. The advantage of an index sheet is that it can tell you information about the contents of a section at a glance. 


Who can benefit from using index sheets?


Index sheets are used widely across many environments including offices, home offices, colleges and schools. Employees or managers may use index sheets for filing away important documents, for example, accounts,  invoices or client or patient records. They are also popularly used amongst teachers and lecturers to keep their different lesson plans and modules organised. Similarly, they are used by college students as the different sections are ideal for keeping modules separate and are easy to revisit and reference for exams or assignments. For example, a 1-10 numerically tabbed index sheet would be perfect for a student with 10 different modules, or someone working on a thesis or dissertation to separate their chapters effectively. They can also be used by school students to keep different subjects organised and are particularly useful when studying for the junior cert or leaving cert examinations to make studying easier. 


Adding a pre-printed numbered page to your file helps you to be as organised as possible. Our numbered index sheets go from 1-5 index tabs, all the way up to 1-100 pre-printed numerical index sheets, for larger workloads. With a large 100 part file, it’s easy to see how an index sheet can help. It is the difference between sifting through a large file aimlessly versus pinpointing a section immediately!


Combine Index sheets with index tabs!


You can add to your filing system by combining your index sheets with index page markers. That way you can stick markers to pages to label, mark or draw attention to areas on the page. This can very useful for businesses that require signatures or to draw attention to terms and conditions on a page. Index tabs are also great as a studying tool as students can mark a particular quote, formula, or useful piece of information to revisit with ease.


Cardboard or plastic index sheets?


As you can see, there are two types of materials available for index sheets. Both cardboard index sheets and plastic index sheets are popular and cost-effective options. Plastic index sheets can be more durable as they contain a protective coat. However, most cardboard filing sheets are placed in a folder which means that they are kept safe from any damage. Both are great options to add to your filing system!


Multi-punched holes to fit any folder!


Multi-punched A4 index sheets and A4 subject dividers are suitable for any standard A4 ring binder or A4 lever arch files, as well as A4 punched pockets. This makes filing simple and straightforward.


If you have any further questions in regard to index sheets or building an effective filing system, you can get in touch!


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