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Buy the batteries you need for less. We stock a wide selection of batteries for your everyday needs. You will also find other useful products here, such as battery chargers and power banks for your electronics. Order our 123ink own-brand batteries for some big savings on quality batteries!
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Order from our range of batteries now for fast delivery!

We all rely on batteries every single day. Whether you are looking for popular brands such as Duracell, or just a cheap alternative, we have a battery to cater for your every need. We have covered all of your household needs by stocking batteries that you would commonly find in anything from controllers to children’s toys. We do try to accommodate everyone and you will find batteries for some of the best prices here!
  • Alkaline batteries are economical and extremely popular

Alkaline batteries can be found in most houses as they are commonly used in many household items, such as torches or remote controls. Alkaline batteries are disposable, long-lasting batteries, but they do lose strength over time. They usually have a capacity rating of over 2,500 mAh, making them ideal for heavy use. These batteries have a shelf-life of anywhere between five to ten years, so you can keep them in your house without worrying they will expire.
  • Lithium batteries last up to 4x longer than other batteries

Lithium batteries are commonly used for devices such as fire alarms because they are capable of giving off a strong energy surge after a long period of low discharge. This means they will store their energy when they are not in use. The battery capacity of a lithium battery usually ranges between 2,700 and 3,400 mAh. However, this usually means they are a little bit more expensive than alkaline batteries. These batteries have a shelf-life of up to 15 years.
  • Alkaline batteries vs. Lithium batteries

When choosing between alkaline and lithium batteries, it is good to acknowledge that both are very efficient batteries. However, they do have many differences. Alkaline batteries are sold at great prices for the quality, while lithium batteries are more expensive but can last up to four times longer! Lithium batteries also don’t have as large a range of battery sizes as alkaline batteries. In the table below, you will see the range of alkaline and lithium batteries, as well as how their voltage can differ:
Alkaline Lithium
Battery Size Voltage Battery Size Voltage
AA/LR6 batteries 1.5V AA batteries 1.5V
AAA/LR03 batteries 1.5V AAA batteries 1.5V
AAAA/LR80425 batteries 1.5V CR-P2 batteries 6V
C/LR14 batteries 1.5V CR-V2 batteries 9V
D/LR20 1.5V CR123A batteries 3V
E/6LR61 batteries 1.5V CR2 batteries 3V
J/4LR61 batteries 6V 2CR5 batteries 6V
N/3LR50 batteries 1.5V CR2032 batteries  3V
312A/3LR12 batteries 12V CR-9V batteries 9V
23A/8LR932 batteries 12V
467A/4LR44 batteries 6V
MN11/L1016 batteries 6V
27A/MN27 batteries 12V
MN21/LR23A batteries 12V
  • What does mAh refer to?

Often in battery descriptions, you may see ‘mAh’. For example, if a batteries’ capacity is 800 mAh. This means ‘milliampere hour’ and is the measurement for power over time. For batteries, this measures the energy charge and how long before the battery needs to be recharged. The larger the mAh rating on your battery, the more energy it can store. As a result, it is always best to choose a battery with a higher mAh if you want your device to keep its charge for longer.
  • Button cell batteries for your smaller devices

Button cell batteries can sometimes be known as watch batteries, or even as coin batteries. They are small, flat and round. These are usually used in wrist watches, clocks or even in your car keys. If you are not sure what type of button cell battery you need, you can always look at your device for some indication or check an instruction manual. We would advise you to be mindful of where you might leave these in the house, as they are small enough for children to swallow and are extremely dangerous if ingested!
  • Rechargeable batteries are really cost efficient!

Rechargeable batteries are a great addition to any household as some batteries can be recharged up to a thousand times! While you might pay a little bit extra initially for both the batteries and the charger, you won’t have to worry about buying new batteries every few months. Most rechargeable batteries can be fully recharged anywhere between one and four hours.

We also stock batteries for your vacuum cleaner or power tools!

We also stock a range of replacement Dyson vacuum batteries and batteries for your Makita, Bosch, Black & Decker or DeWalt power tools. It can often be difficult to find a replacement battery for gadgets you may not have to use every day, so we are here to help! Not only do we offer a wide selection of these batteries, but we also have our own-brand range for fantastic prices. You can save up to 50% simply by choosing our 123ink version. If we have it in stock, you are almost guaranteed to have it in your hands by the end of the week. Saving you time and money!

Recharge on the go with power banks

See our selection of power banks, your ideal travel companion. These power banks can be used for devices such as your smartphone, tablet or can even be connected to a wireless charger. With these light gadgets, you can go camping or even on a day trip without the fear of your phone dying.

123ink own-brand batteries at great prices!

We have a selection of our own-brand 123ink batteries, Xtreme Power, ranging from AA to LR20 batteries, and everything in between. 123ink batteries also have a larger battery capacity than some other brands. For example, our own-brand AA batteries have a battery capacity of 2,900 mAh, whereas the battery capacity for other AA batteries is typically about 2,500 mAh. We also stock these in multipacks, for incredibly low prices, so they’re really popular with our customers. And of course, all 123ink products come with a 100% warranty!

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Common questions

Which battery has the longest lifespan?

Alkaline batteries' lifespan can last up to 30 hours depending on their usage. However, lithium batteries have a lifespan of about two to three years due to their low self-discharge. Button cell batteries can have a similar lifespan as a lithium battery, depending on the system power required.

Are 123ink own-brand batteries as efficient as other brands?

Our own-brand batteries are just as efficient as other brands. In fact, they have an extra long lifespan, so are more efficient than some other batteries. For example, 123ink own-brand AA batteries have a capacity of 2,900 mAh, whereas other brands have a much lower mAh. This means 123ink own-brand batteries will keep your device charged for much longer.

How do you dispose of batteries?

You can dispose of your batteries in any WEEE Ireland battery box, which are available throughout the country. Batteries are known to be harmful so it is important to dispose of them properly where possible.

If you have any other questions, get in touch with us!