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Indoor Christmas lights

View our extensive collection of Christmas lights for indoor use on this page.
We sell classic string Christmas tree lights, cluster lights, icicle Christmas lights, net chaser lights, and more for great prices.
Create the perfect festive atmosphere inside your home or business.
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Indoor Christmas lights

Looking to buy great value indoor Christmas lighting?

Looking for Christmas lights to brighten up your home or business this festive season? We have a great selection of indoor Christmas lights for great low prices. Create the perfect festive atmosphere in your living room, home or business with the warm glow of festive Christmas lights. 


When it comes to indoor decorations for Christmas trees, homes and businesses, Christmas lights are by far the best way to create a sparkle. We have many unique lighting options to create the perfect sparkle.

Tip: Save big with our new 123ink.ie range of indoor Christmas lights- Ensure your house is lit up without breaking the bank this Christmas!

Which indoor Christmas lights are available?


The classic string Christmas lights are a very popular choice for indoor Christmas tree lights. Fairy string lights contain bulbs that are placed 10cm apart on the string for an even traditional glow. We have both warm white lights and bright white lights available ranging from 100 bulbs to 1,000 bulbs in one pack. Depending on personal preference, one pack or several lights can be combined to create the perfect sparkle for your living room Christmas tree or office Christmas tree. Warm white LED Christmas lights are a very popular option here in Ireland, they lend to the traditional, familiar warm glow.


Cluster Christmas lights are another popular choice for Christmas trees, in particular larger Christmas trees. Because there are several bulbs clustered together, it accommodates more lights on the tree. The spacing between bulbs is roughly 2.5cm apart. Cluster lights look great in many other indoor areas of the home including windows, mantelpieces and bannisters, creating a full sparkle wherever they are draped. 


Chaser Christmas lights are lights that are equipped with a function to cycle the LED bulbs on and off, giving the illusion of movement. Many of our Christmas string lights and cluster LED lights allow you to choose between 8 different chaser light modes. You can choose to have your Christmas tree lights twinkle, flash, glow, fade or just have a steady glow, for example, creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. 


Icicle lights are a popular choice when it comes to Christmas lighting. While icicle Christmas lights are typically seen outdoors hanging from rooftops, they also make great decorations inside the home. Icicle lights can be used inside on mantelpieces, windows, or hanging from door frames or bannisters to create a unique, festive display.


Net Christmas lights are an easy choice as they require little effort. Indoor net Christmas lights are essentially ready-made lit up curtains! Light up the mantelpiece, doors, windows or more with a bright sparkling net curtain, or simply place it on top of your Christmas tree for an easy glow up! 


Battery-powered Christmas lights are a popular and affordable choice of Christmas lights. We have battery-operated Christmas lights available from 15 to 100 lights. 


Finally, don’t forget to stock up on essential Christmas light accessories such as extension lead plugs, essential for combining several Christmas lights indoors. 

Common questions

Which Christmas lights look best indoors?

All types of indoor Christmas lights have their advantages. The standard string lights look great for an even, understated glow as the bulbs are more spread out. Cluster lights on the other hand give a brighter, fuller look. Chaser lights are also a great option to give the illusion of lights moving along the string. Icicle lights look great on the mantelpiece. You can also mix and match lights to create your desired festive look!

What length of Christmas lights do I need for my tree?

It is generally accepted that for a 6ft tree, you will need 15 metres in length. For every extra foot of height, you can add 5m (and 5m less if the tree is shorter). If you like more of a sparkle, you can double it up, or equally pair it back if you prefer a more subtle look. There are a number of different lengths of Christmas lights available at 123ink.ie to suit your needs.

How many Christmas lights do I need for my tree?

For the average 6ft Christmas tree, you can use 250 bulbs for a subtle sparkle, 400 bulbs for a standard sparkle and 600 bulbs or more for a full sparkle. As a general rule, you can opt for 100 bulbs for every 1.5ft of tree. Bulb spacing and size can vary widely between different types of lights, however, so this should be taken into consideration. For example, if you are using cluster lights, you can get away with adding more lights as the bulbs are spaced closely together as opposed to spread out.

How do you hang Christmas lights on a tree like a professional?

You can hang Christmas lights either horizontally or vertically. To hang them horizontally, start at the bottom of the tree and wrap the lights loosely over and under the bottom row of branches for a secure and natural look. If you need to connect another string of lights, you can hide the connection behind a larger branch and secure it with a plastic zip tie. Hanging lights vertically on your tree can provide a unique professional look. Divide the tree into three parts and start weaving the lights from left to right. Continue till all three sections are lit up. You can hide and secure the connected plugs with a plastic zip tie, like the horizontal method.

Can you control Christmas lights with your phone?

Yes, you can control smart Christmas lights with your smartphone. The Twinkly Christmas light range, available on 123ink.ie allow you to use an app to programme and control the sequence, timing and colour of your Christmas lights with the click of a button.

Are indoor Christmas lights a fire hazard?

Indoor Christmas lights themselves are not a fire hazard. Christmas lights for indoor use should be certified for this purpose and come with safety fuses. However, it’s wise to pay attention to overloading extension cords and electrical sockets with excess lights in case of a short circuit. Some other precautions to take include turning off lights when outside the home, and keeping your Christmas tree at least 6ft away from fireplaces.

What type of Christmas lights is the brightest?

If you want the brightest house on the block, LED Christmas lights are the best choice. Incandescent bulbs tend to give off a warm glow, as opposed to the brighter glow of an LED bulb. LED Christmas lights appear brighter as they have a higher lumens/watt score which means that more light is being produced despite less power being used. The extra power is not wasted on heat loss like it is an incandescent bulb.

How many standard Christmas tree lights should be in a Christmas tree?

With standard string Christmas tree lights, the lights are spaced further apart than with microcluster and cluster lights. These Christmas lights are also bigger in size and therefore spread more light. Standard Christmas tree lights are available in a variety of colours, from traditional extra warm white lights, warm white lights, cold white lights to red, blue or green lights.

Height of the tree How many lights on Christmas tree Lightened length cord
50cm 40 led lights 3 metres
50 to 100cm 80 led lights 6 metres
100cm 120 led lights 9 metres
100 to 150cm 180 led lights 13 metres
150 m 240 led lights 18 metres
200cm 320 led lights 24 metres
250cm 480 led lights 36 metres
300cm 720 led lights 54 metres

How much cluster lighting does a Christmas tree need?

With cluster lights, the lights are clustered extra closely together. As a result, there are more lights per metre of cord than, for example, with standard Christmas tree lights. This means the tree is often brighter lit than with other types of Christmas lights.

Height of the tree How many lights on Christmas tree Lightened length cord
50cm 384 cluster lights 3 metres
50 to 100cm 384 to 576 cluster lights 3 to 4 metres
100cm 576 cluster lights 4 metre
100 to 150cm 576 to 1152 cluster lights 4 to 8 metres
150cm 1152 cluster lights 8 metres
200cm 1152 to 1512 cluster lights 8 to 11 metres
250cm 1512 cluster lights 11 metres
300cm 2016 cluster lights 14 metres 

How many micro cluster lighting should be in a Christmas tree?

With micro cluster lighting you will find fewer lights per metre than with cluster lighting. This means that you generally need a longer cord to create the same mood effect.

Height of the tree How many lights on Christmas tree Lightened length cord
100 to 150cm 400 micro cluster lights 8 metres
150cm 560 micro cluster lights 11 metres
200cm 560 to 800 micro cluster lights 11 to 14 metres
250cm 800 to 1000 micro cluster lights 15 to 20 metres
300cm 1000 to 1200 micro cluster lights 20 to 24 metres
Larger than 300cm 1500 micro cluster lights 30 metres

If you have any further questions in regards to 123ink indoor Christmas lights, check out our Q&A page or don’t hesitate to get in touch!