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Dymo LabelManager 160P Labeling System (AZERTY)

€47.50 (Incl. 23% VAT) (€38.62 Excl. 23% VAT )
in external w/house
The LabelManager 160P is the simplest portable model in Dymo's range of professional labeling systems. This labeling system has the same functions as the LabelManager 160, but is equipped with an azerty keyboard instead of a qwerty keyboard. The labeling system has a user-friendly keyboard and is an excellent choice for creating all kinds of labels. Smart keys (shortcut keys) ensure high productivity and the ability to quickly adjust text styles. After you enter the desired text, print it on a label at the touch of a button.

Including D1 starter tape black on white 12 mm with a length of 3 metres. Adapter and batteries not included.

Please note: this model has an AZERTY keyboard.
  • Brand: Dymo
  • Keyboard: AZERTY
  • Display: LCD screen (6 characters)
  • Label length: diverse
  • Dimensions: 203 x 118 x 49 mm
  • Tape width: until 12 mm
  • Printing speed: 12 mm/sec
  • Memory: -
  • Print styles: 8
  • Symbols: 228
  • Frames: 4
  • Power supply: 6 x AAA or adapter
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