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106R01332 magenta toner

Xerox 106R01332 magenta toner (original Xerox) 106R01332 047408
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Original Xerox 106R01332 magenta toner. Provides high-quality, vividly-coloured prints with a professional finish.
Capacity ± 1000 pages.

Colour: magenta Brand: Xerox
Type: toner cartridge OEM: 106R01332
Version: standard EAN: 095205737721
Capacity: ± 1,000 pages Our item no: 047408

We advise you to take the 123ink version of this toner instead!

This product is end of life.
Xerox 106R01332 magenta toner (123ink version) 106R01332C 047409
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Quality Assured! Save over 61% on your printing costs !

High-quality & reliable 123ink version of the Xerox 106R01332 magenta toner. This toner is made by an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer (so, to the highest quality standards).
Capacity ± 1250 pages (that's 250 more than the original).

We advise you to take this product instead of the original!

Of course this 123ink product also comes with a 100% warranty!

Colour: magenta Number: 106R01332
Type: toner OEM: 106R01332
Brand: 123ink EAN: 8718237010304
Capacity: ± 1,250 pages Our item no: 047409
€ 32.50 (Including 21% VAT)
( € 26.86 Excluding 21% VAT )
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Xerox 106R01334/33/32/31 toner 4-pack (123ink version)  130152
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Quality Assured! Save even more by getting all four at once!

1 x 123ink brand Xerox 106R01334 black toner (2,250 pages)

1 x 123ink brand Xerox 106R01331 cyan toner (1,250 pages)

1 x 123ink brand Xerox 106R01332 magenta toner (1,250 pages)

1 x 123ink brand Xerox 106R01333 yellow toner (1,250 pages)

We advise you to take this 4-pack instead of originals!

Of course these 123ink products also come with a 100% warranty!

€ 132.50 (Including 21% VAT)
( € 109.50 Excluding 21% VAT )
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75g Impulse A4 paper, 500 sheets  299079
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- Engineered for inkjet, laserjet and copiers.
- Our biggest selling A4 paper by a long way.
- High contrast. Always sharp and clear.
- Acid free
- Archival guarantee
- Bright white paper.
- 500 sheets A4 in one ream.
Colour: white Paper size: A4
Type: paper Quantity: 500
Paper weight: 79 g/m²
€ 4.25 (Including 21% VAT)
( € 3.51 Excluding 21% VAT )
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Laser printer cleaning cloth  999058
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DescriptionThis toner cloth acts like a magnet, attracting loose toner powder and helping to keep your printer dust-free.

Note: Do not wipe the printer's drum with this or any other cloth!
Type: toner cloth Colour: yellow
Dimensions: 43 x 32 cm Our item no: 999058
€ 1.50 (Including 21% VAT)
( € 1.24 Excluding 21% VAT )
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