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How do I install my Brother printer?


Want to start printing fast with your new Brother printer? We are happy to help you with the installation! There’s no need to read the entire user manual, we’ll inform you quickly so you can get printing in no time. First, you need to ensure you have all of the necessary components. In addition to the printer itself, you will need printer paper, the correct ink cartridges, your laptop or computer and optionally a printer cable at hand. Brother usually does not supply a printer cable, but you can of course order one on our site.

Start preparing your Brother printer

It is important that you prepare your printer for installation before you can get started. Start by unpacking the printer and removing the packaging material. Please note that protective material must also be removed from the printer itself. If you are in doubt whether you have removed everything, you can consult the manual to see where the protective material is placed. 

How do I insert the cartridges in my Brother printer?

You may have already found the cover for inserting your ink cartridges whilst removing the protective material. This door is normally located at the front of the Brother printer and can be opened to place the cartridges inside. The supplied cartridges can now be clicked into place. Each colour has a fixed place in the printer and must be clicked into place properly. The printer will alert you with an error message if the cartridges are not clicked in properly. Once the cartridges are installed, you can activate a test print by following the instructions on the printer menu. 

One thing to note is that supplied Brother ink cartridges contain only a small amount of ink for printing the test pages. On our Brother ink cartridge page, you can search by your printer number or cartridge number, where you will find both original Brother ink cartridges and our own cheaper brand of ink cartridges and toner that are suitable for your Brother printer.

How do I install the Brother printer software?

Now that the printer is connected, it is time to install the Brother printer software. If your computer is unable to install the printer itself (by using the "add printer" function), then you can find the correct printer software for your printer on the Brother website. You can search for your printer by choosing the printer category and then the printer series of your printer and you can download the complete package of drivers and software. When the file is downloaded, you can start the programme and go through the installation wizard. Then you can choose whether you want to connect the printer with a cable or via WiFi. 

How do I connect my Brother printer to WiFi?

You can easily connect your printer to the WiFi network by using the installed Brother software. Click on the 'Connection type' heading in the menu and then you can choose to connect your printer wirelessly. Then go through the steps to establish the connection. You can also connect the printer to the Wi-Fi network from the menu of the printer itself. Tap the Wi-Fi icon to access the Internet settings. Click on 'change settings’ and you will arrive at the installation wizard, where you can select your network. After entering your network password, your printer will connect to WiFi. When the printer is connected to the network, all devices on your network can use the printer.

Connect your Brother printer with a printer cable

You can also choose to connect your printer via a printer cable (USB-B cable). Plug the cable into the USB port of your computer and the back of your printer. Through the printer software, you can go through the steps to establish the connection. Brother printers are usually supplied without a printer cable, you can of course contact our customer service team for this. If you buy a printer with us, there will be many more documents available in your personal account to assist you and our customer service team is always there to help you along. 

Getting started with Your Brother printer

Once you have successfully connected the printer to your computer or laptop, you can go ahead and start your first print job. If your printer is not displayed in the destination list, you can choose the option 'show more' (Google Chrome) or 'add printer' (Word). Then add your printer to the destination list so that it will be displayed in future. Now you can print away!

If you have bought your printer from 123ink and need some assistance, our customer service team is ready to assist you.

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