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PLA filament

PLA filamentProperties of 3D objects printed with PLA:
Appearance: Shiny, available in many colours (naturally transparent)
Strength: Reasonably strong
Heat resistance: Reasonable
Flexibility: Light flexible
Specifics: Biodegradable

PLA is an easy to use filament type and a popular choice among users of 3D printers. With PLA, it is possible to print very detailed objects, without requiring a heated bed. Thanks to the high degree of fluidity in the molten state PLA prints can be sharper than the alternative ABS. Also, higher speeds can be achieved.

PLA gives top results in all dimensions with a nice sheen, but only with the right (temperature) settings. For PLA, the printing temperature is between 180°C and 230°C.

PLA stands for polylactic acid and is a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics. PLA filament is made from biodegradable, renewable raw materials and naturally has a transparent appearance. By adding dyes, you can choose from many colours.
        Benefits of PLA filament:         Cons of PLA filament:
  • no unpleasant odour, melted PLA is often compared to a 'popcorn' odour.
  • easy to model
  • fewer problems with warping
  • no heated bed needed
  • fluid, therefore, can be printed faster.
  • Adhesion on different surfaces.
  • it attracts moisture from the air, so breaks down quicker in the open air.
  • less suitable near heat sources such as the hotend.
  • harder material, so more brittle.

Tips for 3D priniting with PLA filament:
  • At various printing temperatures reached PLA will have different results, a higher temperature allows more gloss. By varying the temperature during the 3D printing allows the creation of fun effects.
  • The ideal print temperature for each type of print/hotend can be found to suit each individuals preference by changing the print speed and temperature.
  • PLA adheres to the following materials: MDF wood, heated glass, Kapton tape (heated), various types of masking tape.
  • When printing at high speeds, it is recommended to cool the printed object with a fan. This prevents freshly printed layers sag on non cooled layers yet.
  • Use only the filament diameter recommended by the printer manufacturer.
  • For a perfect first layer adhesion, you can use 3D printing stickers on the glass on your printer.
PLA filament with additional effects:
  • PLA Fluorescent: 1.75 mm / 2.85 mm
    Prints objects that glow under a UV lamp.