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Christmas lights

Outdoor Christmas lights

Choose from our wide range of outdoor Christmas lights on this page. Kit out the exterior of your home, business or garden with cluster lights, icicle Christmas lights, net chaser lights, outdoor battery Christmas lights and more for low prices. Ensure your garden stands out this Christmas!

Outdoor Christmas lights

Looking to buy outdoor Christmas lighting for great prices?

Want to brighten up the exterior of your house or set your garden apart? Then we have the best selection of outdoor Christmas lights available, both mains operated Christmas lights and battery operated outdoor Christmas lights.

You can mix and match our outdoor Christmas lights to create the ultimate outdoor display. Create the perfect festive sparkle for the exterior of your home, garden, or business front with a variety of outdoor Christmas lights. 

Tip: Save big with our new 123ink.ie range of outdoor Christmas lights- Ensure your house and garden shine without the large price tag!

What are the different types of outdoor Christmas lights?


Icicle lights are a popular choice when it comes to outdoor Christmas lighting. Icicle Christmas lights look great as outdoor Christmas lights for the house and are perfect for hanging from a roof gutter, railings, windows or mantelpieces. Outdoor icicle Christmas lights have the unique look of icicles, creating an authentic festive feel, and are suitable for outdoor displays. 


Net Christmas lights are great for creating a unique display that will stand out. Net chaser lights make great outdoor Christmas lights for trees, bushes, or you can use them to cover your front windows in a net lighting display to sparkle like a lit-up curtain! 


The classic string LED Christmas lights are a very popular choice, commonly referred to as fairy lights. The bulbs on classic Christmas lights are placed 10cm apart for an even glow and therefore make perfect indoor and outdoor Christmas tree lights. Several string lights can be combined to create the desired look. We have both warm white lights and bright white lights available ranging from 100 lights to 1,000 Christmas lights in one. 


Cluster Christmas lights provide a fuller look as there are several bulbs grouped together. This allows for more lights to be placed on the tree as they are spaced far apart from one another. The spacing between bulbs is roughly 2.5cm apart. This full look is great for larger trees such as outdoor trees for a much brighter glow. Cluster lights look great in many other areas of the home including windows, mantelpieces, and bannisters. If you really want to highlight your Christmas tree, you can place cluster lights in the window of your home framing your Christmas tree. This will make the window pop! Outdoor cluster lights are also a great option for commercial window spaces to ensure they stand out on busy streets.


Chaser lights are a great choice if you’re looking for Christmas lights that flash. Chaser Christmas lights cycle the LED bulbs on and off to give the illusion of movement. Most of our string LED Christmas lights and cluster LED lights have chaser light functionalities where you can choose between 8 different chaser functions. You can choose to have your outdoor Christmas tree lights twinkle, flash, glow, fade or just have a steady glow, for example, creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. 


We also have outdoor Christmas light decorations available to make your home or garden stand out. Choose between light-up spiral Christmas trees, LED candy cane lights, meteor shower lights and a light-up reindeer that has warm white LED lights and moves its head and neck!   

Finally, don’t forget to stock up on essential Christmas light accessories including gutter hooks and extension lead plugs, essential for hanging lights from the gutters of the house. Protect your plugs with a weatherproof box, complete with a smart adaptor!

Common questions

Should outdoor Christmas lights be turned off at night?

Outdoor Christmas lights can be left on all night. However, turning them off late at night will save energy. To avoid turning them off manually, you can set your lights to a timer to automatically turn them off. In general, LED Christmas lights are safer to leave on than traditional incandescent lights because they produce much less heat.

Can LED lights be used outdoors?

LED lights can be used outdoors as they are known to be exceptionally durable. As long the LED lights are housed properly, it is safe to use them in an outdoor setting. If you plan on placing your LEDs outside, it is best if you opt for an LED that is highly rated on the IP scale.

Are Christmas lights weatherproof?

All our outdoor Christmas lights are weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about turning your Christmas lights off if it rains. It is important however to shield adapters, sockets and power strips as well as possible so that they are not submerged in a puddle or snow, for example. At 123ink.ie you can avail of an IP54 weatherproof box to house your extension cables, which you can control via a smart adaptor.

What Christmas lights look good outdoors?

Icicle lights are the popular choice for hanging from the roof or windows to resemble icicles, while net lights are an easy choice for wrapping around trees or shrubs in the garden or creating a lit-up curtain for your windows. You can also opt for outdoor Christmas light decorations like spiral tree lights, meteor shower lights, a 3D reindeer or candy canes for your garden path.

What do you hang outdoor decorations with?

You can use gutter hooks to hang your Christmas lights and decorations from the roof of your home, suction cups work great on windows, light clips or clothes pegs can come in handy to clip your lights to surfaces. You can also wrap the lights around pillars, ornaments, and even trees.

How to decorate outdoors for Christmas on a budget?

Battery-operated outdoor Christmas lights are a great alternative to mains-operated lights if you are decorating on a budget. You can get battery-powered outdoor lights at 123ink.ie from only €9.95. Not only will they save you money on electricity, but they are easier to work with as you don’t have the limitations of being near a power source. Battery-operated lights also run at an extremely low voltage making them extremely safe for use.
If you have any further questions in regards to 123ink outdoor Christmas lights, check out our Q&A page or don’t hesitate to get in touch!