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Moisture absorbers

Bison moisture absorber with moisture magnet  SBI00087
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Description With this moisture absorber from Bison you ensure that the air in your home or office is not too humid. The device attracts moisture, so condensation, mold and musty odours are a thing of the past. The perfect choice for spaces where the ventilation is not perfect, such as in caravans, storage rooms or cellars.

This silent moisture absorber contains a moisture magnet with a strong absorbing effect. This removes the moisture from the air. After a few months, this magnet dissolves and the container fills with water. Purchasing a new moisture magnet (refill) is then necessary. The moisture absorber is suitable for rooms of up to 45m³. You will notice results in just one day.
Extra Info: Safety information Quantity: 1 piece
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Bison moisture absorber refill (3 x 450g)  SBI00012
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Description Top up your Bison moisture absorber and lower the humidity in your home. You only need to remove the white cap from your dehumidifier and place the refill bag in the tray. Make sure that the refill bag does not protrude. Place the white cap back on your moisture absorber and your Bison moisture absorber is ready for use again. The empty refill can be thrown in the waste container.

This set contains 3 refill bags of 450 grams.
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