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PFI-1000M magenta

Canon PFI-1000M magenta ink cartridge (original Canon) 0548C001 010130
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Original Canon PFI-1000M magenta ink cartridge for printing professional photos and large-format prints with excellent quality and accurate colour reproduction.
Contains 80ml of ink.

Colour: magenta Brand: Canon
Type: inkjet cartridge OEM: 0548C001
Contents: 80 ml EAN: 4549292046403
Capacity: 5885 photos or 965 A2 Our item no: 010130

We advise you to take the 123ink version of this ink cartridge instead!

Order now and we'll ship it on Monday!
€ 50.50 (Incl. 23% VAT)
( € 41.06 Excl. 23% VAT )
in stock
Canon PFI-1000M magenta ink cartridge (123ink version) 0548C001C 010131
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Save 46.3% compared to the original cartridge!

High-quality & reliable 123ink version of the Canon PFI-1000M magenta ink cartridge. This cartridge is made by an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer.
Contains 87ml of high-quality ink (that's 7ml more than the original).
Your wallet will know the difference!
Colour: magenta Brand: 123ink
Type: inkjet cartridge OEM: 0548C001
Contents: 87 ml EAN: 8718237067360
Capacity: - Our item no: 010131

We advise you to take this cartridge instead of the original!

€ 29.50 (Incl. 23% VAT)
( € 23.98 Excl. 23% VAT )
in external w/house
Canon PFI-1000 multipack MBK/PBK/C/M/Y/PC/PM/GY/PGY/R/B/CO (123ink version)  132076
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Quality Assured! Save EVEN more on the multipack!

1 x Canon PFI-1000MBK matte black ink cartridge (87ml)
1 x Canon PFI-1000PBK photo black ink cartridge (87ml)
1 x Canon PFI-1000C cyan ink cartridge (87ml)
1 x Canon PFI-1000M magenta ink cartridge (87ml)
1 x Canon PFI-1000Y yellow ink cartridge (87ml)
1 x Canon PFI-1000PC photo cyan ink cartridge (87ml)
1 x Canon PFI-1000PM photo magenta ink cartridge (87ml)
1 x Canon PFI-1000GY grey ink cartridge (87ml)
1 x Canon PFI-1000PGY photo grey ink cartridge (87ml)
1 x Canon PFI-1000R red ink cartridge (87ml)
1 x Canon PFI-1000B blue ink cartridge (87ml)
1 x Canon PFI-1000CO (chroma optimiser 87ml)


Total ink: 1,044ml

Of course these 123ink products also come with a 100% warranty!

We advise you to take this 12-pack instead of the originals!

€ 345.00 (Incl. 23% VAT)
( € 280.49 Excl. 23% VAT )
in external w/house

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