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Subject dividers

Order subject dividers here to effectively organise your filing system. Divide subjects alphabetically, numerically, or by colour. Separate and label your work for easy referencing. Order by 7pm for same-day dispatch and fast delivery.
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Subject dividers

Divide and file away your work with subject dividers!

Subject dividers are an integral part of any filing system. You can organise your files and folders in your office, home, or classroom effectively by separating them with dividing sheets. Divider sheets work great for employees with a lot of paperwork, college students with many modules, or school students with different subjects. We have a number of subject dividers available for the best value including coloured dividers, alphabetical page dividers and subject dividers with numerical tabs. This makes separating, organising and referencing work easy.


Who can benefit from using subject dividers?


Subject divider sheets can be used in a variety of professional works settings, households or educational environments. Dividing sheets can be useful to separate different work tasks, for example, different client information in businesses, different months of account or invoices, medical records in health settings, or to separate lesson plans for teachers and lecturers. Households may use subject dividers within a folder to keep household finances and affairs in order.

School students can also benefit from subject dividers. They can separate their Irish notes from their maths notes, to keep them all in one place. This helps with completing homework and studying for exams, particularly the Junior cert exams and the Leaving cert exams. By making notes easy to reference, it takes some of the stress out of studying for these important exams. Likewise, college student can benefit from organising their notes and modules with subject dividers. Keeping modules separated by colour, alphabetically or numerically, means that students can easily reference their notes when studying for exams. Knowing where to look for notes and finding them all in the one place, reduces the chance of misplacing notes. Divider sheets can also help college students with research projects and dissertations, as different chapters can be filed under different colours, for example. 

Types of subject dividers available:

  • Numerical subject dividers: You can easily divide your files by numerical tabs. Separate your work by numbered subjects with our pre-printed numbered sheet. Our numbered tabs go from 1-5 tabs, all the way up to 1-100 pre-printed numerical tabs, for larger workloads.

  • Alphabetical subject dividers: A-Z Alphabetical subject dividers with tabs are simple to use for effective filing. For example, you can keep all subjects beginning with A separate from all subjects beginning with a C. This makes it easier to quickly reference your files when you need information.

  • Coloured subject dividers:
    Coloured subject dividers are a great way to divide between subjects. You can contain all maths files for example under a blue colour, and all science subjects under a red colour. The colours make it easier to quickly identify where to go for each subject, and of course, brighten up your filing system!

  • Index sheets allow you to label your notes with a cover page for quick and easy referencing. By quickly scanning the contents of the file, you can reference that particular section, saving you time and effort.

Cardboard subject dividers or plastic subject dividers?


Some people may prefer to opt for a plastic divider tab as it is a more durable material for the long run. However, cardboard subject divider tabs are very popular also and can be protected within a ring binder folder or lever arch file. 


File away your documents in lever arch files!


Our A4 multi-punched subject dividers come with universal punch holes so they work perfectly with punched pockets to protect your sheets and can be inserted into binders or lever arch files and filed away.

If you have any further questions in regard to subject dividers or building an effective filing system, you can get in touch!