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POSCA paint markers

Order our POSCA markers that are known for their vibrancy, versatility and permanence. Add a splash of colour with these acrylic water-based paint markers perfect for use on almost any surface including canvas, paper, wood, plastic, steel and ceramics. The unique formula means POSCA ink is long-lasting and fade-resistant. POSCA markers are available in many widths, shapes and tip sizes including brush, round shape, conical shape and chisel. Order POSCA markers now for fast delivery!

POSCA paint markers

Order POSCA paint markers

One POSCA marker, endless possibilities for hobbyists and professionals
Here you will find an extensive range of POSCA markers in a number of colours, tips and sizes for low prices. These vibrant paint pens are the perfect companion to nurture your creativity and imagination.

Order POSCA markers
These vibrant and versatile tools open up endless possibilities. The varied sizes allow you to create different effects. The forgiving nature of POSCA markers allows you to embrace making mistakes, just simply paint over mistakes or depending on the surface simply wipe it off. Use these paint pens on different surfaces and with other media like acrylic paint, fine liners or pencils. Experiment with combining line drawing, marking making and solid colours to achieve dynamic effects. Use these graphic paint pens to blend colours by layering and mixing to find what’s right for you.

Unleash your creativity one stroke at a time
The countless uses and possibilities of POSCA markers make them the ultimate tool for artists, designers, crafters, teachers, educators, students, business professionals and simply anyone who wants to explore their creative spirit! Known for fine lines, broad strokes, blending and intricate detailing, these pens are ideal for creating illustrations, paintings, drawings or mixed media artworks.
POSCA markers are an incredibly easy-to-use tool with great permanence making them perfect for labelling, organising, creating signage, signwriting, branding materials, personalising products, and window display for retail or corporate events. These versatile paint markers offer endless possibilities for both commercial and creative purposes.

How to make POSCA markers creations permanent?
Creations can be secured or fixed, depending on the material or surface. For most surfaces apply a water-based spray varnish, porcelain requires passing it through a kiln and fabric requires heat with an iron or a press. Read more in our POSCA marker blog here. They can be made permanent on surfaces under the following conditions:
Surface Method to make permanent
  1. Clean surface
  2. Apply primer
  3. Apply pen and let dry
  4. Heat-set design (optional)
  5. Spray or apply a clear varnish
  1. Clean surface thoroughly
  2. Apply pen and let dry
  3. Heat-set design
  4. Spray or apply with a clear varnish
  1. Clean surface 
  2. Apply pen and let dry
  3. Heat-set design (optional)
  4. Spray or apply a clear varnish
  1. Use clean fabric
  2. Iron fabric
  3. Apply pen
  4. Heat-set design through ironing on the reverse or use of a heat press
  1. Sand wood ensures the is smooth
  2. Remove dust or debris
  3. Use pen and let dry
  4. Apply heat (optional)
  5. Apply a sealant or varni
Paper and cardboard
  1. Apply POSCA marker
  2. Wait to dry
  3. Applying a sealant for protection if desired and is optional.
  1. Clean surface
  2. Prime plastic (optional)
  3. Use pen and let dry
  4. Apply a sealant or varnish
  1. Clean surface surface using detergent or alcohol
  2. Prime surface
  3. Apply paint pen and let dry
  4. Apply multiple coats
  5. Leave to dry for around 24 hours
  6. Apply sealant or varnish (optional)

These coloured paint markers can be made permanent in many different ways depending on the surface or material as listed above. Preserving your creations ensures their longevity and permanence.

Use POSCA markers yourself on every surface!
These art pens have amazing adherence to almost all surfaces, with very little bleed-through. Below we have listed the various surfaces they work on:
Surfaces Surface types
Tracing paper, photo paper, watercolour paper, sketch paper, mixed media paper, coloured paper and cardboard.
Acrylic paint
Acrylic inks, acrylic paint markers, acrylic paints, paint fluids and acrylic spray paint.
Plaster, concrete and stone
  • Plaster walls, sculptures, decorative mouldings and casts.
  • Concrete walls, floors and sculptures.
  • Stone such as granite, marble, slate and sandstone.
Porcelain, tiles, vases, jewellery, figurines, stoneware and unglazed pottery.
Smooth, tempered, frosted and coloured glass.
Cotton. Canvas, denim, polyester, linen, wool, satin, jersey, velvet and rayon.
Plastic and latex
Nylon, PVC, acetate, polystyrene, polycarbonate, plexiglass, polyethene and latex.
Steel, aluminium, copper, brass, tin and iron.
Oak, maple, mahogany, walnut, cherry, teak, pine, cedar, spruce, fir, wood veneer, plywood, MDF, painted wood and varnished wood.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings on a broad range of surfaces because of their opaque water-based ink that has great adhesive properties. As POSCA markers are suitable for porous and non-porous materials they ensure vibrant long-lasting results on almost anything.

What shapes and sizes are POSCA markers available in?
Controlling the width of your line is easy as they are available in seven tips. Below the various widths and sizes are displayed:
Tip size Description Uses

Extra-fine bullet tip
Perfect for detailed designs and fine lines.

0.7mm - 1.3mm
Fine bullet tip
Ideal for filling and outlining areas.

.9mm - 2.5mm
Medium bullet tip
Perfect for colouring for solid coverage.

Chisel tip
Ideal for calligraphy, signage, outdoor mural art and broad strokes.

Extra-broad tip
Suitable for broad strokes and large-scale designs.

Brush tip
Variable sizes
Perfect for brush lettering, calligraphy and shading.

They are also available in sets that contain a variety of sizes as well as sets containing the same size but in multiple colours.

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  Common questions about POSCA markers

Where can I buy POSCA markers in Ireland?

You can order from our extensive range of POSCA paint markers on 123ink.ie. Choose from pastel paint marker sets, multi-coloured marker sets, different tip width sets and metallic paint pens. Choose from individual pens available in almost every colour, including glitter paint, pastel paint and metallic coloured paint. Available for fast delivery.

What are POSCA pens used for?

POSCA pens can be used for many things including:
  • Painting, sketching and illustration
  • Designing and personalising personal items (bags, mugs or shoes)
  • Marking up information
  • Labelling and organisation
  • Upcycling and revamping interiors and furniture
  • Large artistic murals
  • Window displays Office and workplace organisation
  • Creating a cafe or restaurant menu board or chalkboard display
With their range of tip sizes and styles, they deliver a wide range of effects perfect for so many uses and industries. The versatility of POSCA knows no bounds!

What makes POSCA pens so unique?

What makes POSCA paint pens unique is the combination of water-based acrylic-based formula, versatility on almost any surface, wide colour range, opacity, mixability, usability, quick drying properties and wide range of tip size. These features make POSCA an exceptional choice for a paint pen. Express your creativity on almost any surface with these vibrant non-toxic coloured markers.
Do you have any questions about our range of POSCA pens? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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