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Laptop bags

Ordering a laptop bag?

Every computer is prone to scratches and bumps. External influences can cause considerable damage to your electronics. That is why it is important to protect your laptop with a cover. We have various covers available, each with their own design and wearing method. Curious which models we offer? Read it below!

Compact Laptop Sleeves
A popular item among computer users is the laptop cover. These have a sleek design without a handle. You can easily open or close the cover and ensure safe storage without taking up much space.
The laptop sleeve is suitable for screens of 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch. Not sure how many inches your screen is? You can easily measure this in a few steps. Grab a tape measure and place it diagonally across your laptop (from left to right corner). Multiply the number of centimeters by 0.39. The number that comes out of this is equal to the number of inches of your screen. You can also measure the length and width of your laptop and see if it fits in the desired cover. A number of laptop sleeves consist of stretchable materials. This also fits larger laptops.

The handy laptop bag
Each bag has a comfortable shoulder strap or handle. Handy, because this allows you to easily take the computer with you on a trip and you can exchange various carrying methods if necessary. Many of our protective bags have handy storage compartments. These are perfect for storing accessories such as cables and computer mice.

Roll your laptop from A to B
Are you often on the road for a long time? Then choose a professional laptop trolley, with which you can easily transport the computer from A to B. The trolleys have large and small compartments, in which you can store writing folders, documents, 
and accessories. Thanks to the smooth wheels and extendable pull rod, the trolley rolls smoothly over all kinds of surfaces.

Protect your tablet from scratches and bumps

Nowadays, many people have a tablet in addition to a laptop. This 'mini computer', just like the regular version, needs good protection. The screen is just as fragile. In our range you will find various tablet covers that not only provide good protection, but are also stylishly designed. 

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