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Search Canon toner by toner number

We have sorted the Canon toners by their numbers to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right toner. You can find this number on your old Canon toner cartridge. If you have already disposed of the old toner, you can still find the right one by searching for your Canon printer model.

  • For example if you are looking for the Canon 045 black toner, simply search under the search function. You will find it in the first column. If you require colour toner, you will see the options for magenta, yellow and cyan directly under the black with their own codes such as '045C' or '045M'

  • Another example is the Canon 718 Toner. Simply search for this number toner number. It's also in the first column. You can click on the 718BK for black or 718M, 718Y, 718C for the individual colours below the black. If you are looking for a multi-pack, this will be displayed within any of these colours. In this case, opting for a multi-pack, then the Canon 718 BK/C/M/Y 4-pack (123ink version) will save you money.

Why choose high capacity Canon toners over standard Canon toners?

High capacity simply means more millilitres of toner in the cartridge so you will be able to print for longer. 

For example the 045HCBK (high capacity black) 

  • The high capacity 045HCBK will print +2800 pages

  • The standard 045BK will print +1400 pages

  •  So you will get double the longevity out of the high capacity version.


There is also the 045HCBK (123ink version) that will save you even more money.

  • It has a capacity of ± 3,500 pages (that's 700 more than the original) for less money!

What are the benefits of choosing our own compatible Canon toner? 

Not only are they fully compatible with your printer, our compatible Canon toners also have some added benefits:

  • Price! Cheaper than the originals

  • Higher capacity- Filled with more ink!

  • Same high quality- No compromise on quality prints
  • 100% guarantee!

Stock up on more office essentials 

Now that your toner needs are met, don't forget to stock up on more essential office supplies, including printer paper in a variety of sizes for your laserjet printer and pens to work on any projects.

If you have further queries on Canon toner cartridges, don't hesitate to contact us.