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Search Samsung Toner by Printer Model

Here we have a large selection of Samsung toners for your laserjet printer, in stock in our Dublin warehouse. Choose from a selection of Samsung laserjet printer models including the Samsung CLP, CLX, SCX, SF, SL, ML model, Samsung Xpress, MultiXpress and ProXpress models.

if you don't know your cartridge number. If you do, you can search by toner number.

We will demonstrate how the search function works in locating your toner cartridge by printer model.

  • If you are looking for the Samsung SL model, in particular, the SL-C480W, you will find this in the first column. It will display the Samsung CLTK404S (SU100A) toner, both original and compatible.

  • If you require toner for a Samsung ML model (mono black and white laser printer) for example the ML-1865W, you will be recommended to use the Samsung MLTD1042S (SU737A). This also comes in the option of a handy 2-pack which is a 123ink compatible toner and will save you money.

  • You can find any Samsung Xpress model, for example the Xpress C480W, which displays the Samsung CLTK406S (SU118A) original and compatible version.

  • You can also find toner for a variety of Samsung Pro Express models. If we take the ProXpress M3825ND as an example, we see it displays the Samsung MLTD204S (SU938A)

  • It also displays the Samsung MLTD204L (SU929A) high capacity and the Samsung MLTD204E (SU925A) extra high capacity black toner which contain more ink than the standard toner. This option is best for people who print large volumes. 

How much more toner do the high capacity and extra high capacity contain?

  • Samsung MLTD204S (SU938A) black toner (original) prints 3,000 pages

  • Samsung MLTD204L (SU929A) high capacity black toner (original) prints 5,000 pages

  • Samsung MLTD204E (SU925A) extra high capacity black toner (original) prints 10,000 pages.

There is also the option of the 123ink compatible high capacity toner & extra high capacity toner that will save you money. Below you can see the difference for yourself!

  • Samsung MLTD204S (SU938A) black toner (123ink) prints 250 more pages than the original for less!

  • Samsung MLTD204L (SU929A) high capacity black toner (123ink) prints 500 more pages than the original- and is cheaper!

  • Samsung MLTD204E (SU925A) extra high capacity black toner (123ink) prints 1,000 more pages than the original and will cost you less!

Want to know more about 123ink compatible Samsung toner cartridges? 

Our own compatible Samsung laser toners are a cheaper alternative to the more expensive original toner, with no difference in the print quality.123ink compatible toners are cheaper and they have a higher capacity, so you can print more pages. They also come with a 100% guarantee.

  • Cheaper price! Spend less money on your toner!

  • Same print quality! You will not notice any difference in quality!

  • Higher Capacity! Print more pages!

  • 100% guarantee! If you are not satisfied!

Don't forget to buy paper!

Don't forget to buy some printer paper for your Samsung laserjet printer. Choose from a variety of sizes including the standard A4 and larger A3 for Samsung A3 laser printers.

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