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Search Samsung Toner by Toner number

We stock a large selection of Samsung toners here on our site. We have made it easy for you to find the Samsung toner you need for your Samsung laser printer! If you know your toner number then you can easily find it, as it is sorted in alphabetical order or you can use the quick search to quickly get to the section you are looking for.

For many Samsung toners, we have an affordable alternative to the original Samsung toners. 123ink compatible toners are fully guaranteed, are cheaper and have more capacity. Best of all, you can enjoy all of these benefits without a loss of quality!

If you do not find your toner number, you can also find the right one by searching by printer model. 

How the Samsung toner codes are displayed

  • Standard capacity is usually denoted by S but sometimes by A and in some cases without any letter.

  • High capacity is usually denoted by L but sometimes by a B eg. MLT2850 B 

  • Extra high capacity is denoted by an E eg. MLTD307 E 

Some examples:

  • For example if you're looking for the Samsung CLPK660A. The A after the toner number stands for 'standard capacity' whereas the B after the code (Samsung CLPK660B) denotes 'high capacity' so you can print for longer. 

  • In the case of Samsung MLTD307S (SV074A), we see that the standard capacity is signified by an 'S' and the Samsung MLTD307L (SV066A) high capacity has an 'L' after it to signify the high capacity.

  • Samsung MLTD307E (SV058A) extra high capacity is denoted by an 'E'.

HP toner for Samsung printers? 

In 2017, HP acquired Samsung's printer company and subsequently manufactured Samsung's printers and toner cartridges. Samsung's toner is still exactly the same toner but they have been given a HP toner number. We will list some examples to clarify this: 

  • The Samsung CLT-K404S is now also called the HP SU100A 

  • The Samsung MLT-D111S is now also called the HP SU810A

  • The Samsung CLP-K660A is now also called the HP ST899A 

If you have the HP Samsung toner number at hand, you can easily search by HP Samsung toner.

Stay organised!


Now that your toner needs are covered, you can check out our large supply of office supplies in stock to help you stay organised. Why not try a label maker to easily label and organise your belongings, at home or in the office. You can choose from a selection of  Brother label makers or Dymo label makers.