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  • Over 320,000 clients!
  • Nationwide delivery from €3.95 (max €4.95)


  • Why don't you offer free shipping?
    The reason we do not offer free shipping is quite simple: the cost of the courier must be covered in one way or another. Most retailers factor these costs into the selling price of their products. We could make all of our products slightly more expensive and pretend we don't charge shipping - as usually happens in other online stores.

    However, we think this is unfair. If we did it this way, customers who order several products would be punished as they would be covering the shipping costs multiple times.

    Online stores that do not charge shipping actually take more money from you with their "free shipping"
    We prefer to keep costs open and honest!

    For shipping we apply two different rates, depending on the total order amount. The shipping costs for all payment types are equal.

    - For orders up to € 50, - shipping costs are € 4.95 (incl. VAT)
    - For orders above € 50, - shipping costs are € 3.95 (incl. VAT)

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