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POSCA Markers

What are POSCA pens?

Known for their versatility, durability, vibrant colours, and usability, POSCA markers from Uni-ball have become a go-to for anyone looking to add colour and creativity to their projects. Their unique formula consists of an acrylic water-soluble paint that is quick-drying, easy to apply and non-toxic. In this blog, we explore the different surfaces POSCA can be used on, the wide variety of uses, their main features and the industries they are most used in.

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Key features and characteristics of POSCA markers

POSCA markers produce vibrant, opaque colours that are sure to stand out. Below we list the many features:  
  • Wide colour range: Vibrant primary, metallic, pastel and fluorescent colours.
  • Water-based paint: Odourless, non-toxic, making them very safe to use.
  • Blendability and layering: Create gradients, shading and blending effects.
  • Long-lasting and permanent: Permanent depending on surface and finish.
  • Various tip sizes and shapes: Extra-fine, fine, medium and bold tips.
  • Works on many surfaces: Suitable for paper, canvas, wood, metal etc.
  • The versatility of use: Suitable for drawing and writing on different surfaces.
POSCA markers are an easy-to-use tool inspiring creativity in artists and crafters of all levels. Whether you're looking to add colour to your drawings, create custom designs on fabric, or add a splash of colour to your home decor, POSCA markers are a great choice.

How to use a POSCA marker

POSCA markers are easy to use. Shake the marker, remove the cap, and start drawing or colouring. Here are the steps to use POSCA markers:
  1. Prepare your surface by cleaning and drying it, ensuring all dirt and dust is removed. Sanding might be necessary if you are working on an uneven surface. Prime your surface with a liquid primer or spray primer from Edding or Talens if you wish to increase the durability of the POSCA markers.
  2. Shake the POSCA marker up and down with the cap still firmly on. While shaking the paint pen you should be able to hear a ball moving around inside. This sound means that the paint inside is being released and mixed.
  3. Take off the cap and begin using the pen.
  4. Press the tip of the pen and hold the tip down onto a spare test piece of paper until the paint is visibly released into the tip, this means the ball inside has been activated. Test the flow of the paint to see if it’s a smooth and consistent line.
  5. Begin creating your artwork and get creative! Apply with even and gentle pressure and recap after use.
  6. Layering and blending are achievable by applying a selection of different coloured POSCA pens. To layer paint you must ensure each layer is dry before applying another separate colour. To blend paint you must ensure your paint is still wet, as if it is dry the colours will not mix. When the paint is wet it is mixable, allowing you to create gradient-like effects or mix colours fluidly. For additional effects apply a slightly wet painting brush to the POSCA paint.
  7. Reshake if necessary, if the paint stops or stops flowing as smoothly reshaking the pen will provide a more consistent flow, just ensure that the cap is securely back on.
  8. Use a lacquer varnish spray, for wooden, plastic, metal, stone or ceramic surfaces if you wish to preserve and protect your creation. A clear lacquer spray over your pen artwork is excellent for adding depth and enhancing colours. It is not necessary to apply a spray varnish to every type of surface.
  9. Use a heat press or iron, for textile or fabric surfaces to ensure your creation is secured. 
  10. Clean by rinsing the tip in water if you feel it is necessary.
Experimenting with different techniques and surfaces is up to your preferences and needs. The possibilities with paint markers are endless!

The versatility of POSCA markers across industries

POSCA markers are a popular tool among artists, designers, and crafters. POSCA markers are available in a variety of tip sizes and colours, including vibrant metallic and fluorescent shades. POSCA markers are often used for drawing, painting, and decorating accessories, textiles and furnishings. They can be used on a wide range of surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

These paint markers are not exclusive to the creative arts. Industries such as the automotive, education, industrial manufacturing, fashion and interior design industry find the use of this quick-drying marker convenient. POSCA markers are an excellent choice for commercial display purposes for automotive traders, trade shows, restaurants and car hire companies to display information or promotional discounts.

Unlock the unlimited uses of POSCA

These paint markers are a must-have for any art or craft enthusiast. However, they are versatile markers with many other uses and applications:
  • Painting and drawing: As POSCA markers are available in many sizes they are perfect for drawing detailed graphics, illustration artwork and designs. Their vibrant colours add great colour depth to creations. The wider and larger size POSCA markers are ideal for covering larger-scale painting surfaces.
  • Calligraphy and sign writing: Use POSCA markers to create modern or traditional style calligraphy. Paint pens are often used to create flourishes and embellishments to enhance your calligraphy pieces. Use paint pens for chalkboard calligraphy perfect for streetside display. Personalise gifts, cards, invites or seating arrangement cards.
  • Retail display: Mural window display design is an attractive and clear way to brighten up or display information for shop use, in cafes or restaurants. In order to remove POSCA paint from a surface like glass, metal or plastic in your retail space use a solvent like a mild alcohol or diluted acetone with a soft cleaning pad or cloth to rub the ink off.
  • Labelling: POSCA pens are ideal for use as a way to easily identify and label things at home or in the workplace.
  • Artistic creations: POSCA paint pens are perfect for drawing, sketching, colouring, and adding details to your artwork. DIY projects: Personalise and customise objects like mugs, t-shirts, shoes, bags, and more. Create happy stones with colours, patterns and words.
  • Home décor and up-cycling: POSCA markers can transform your home by adding designs and patterns to furniture, glass, ceramics, lampshades, and other home décor items. Create decorations and revamp your interiors.
  • Office supplies: These markers can be used to label, highlight and mark different items like files, folders, and containers. Paint pens are also ideal for the personalisation of belongings in your office workspace. Educational purposes: Teachers and students can use POSCA markers for creating murals, group work, illustrative posters, charts, and presentations.
These versatile paint markers are used in many industries. From artists, hobbyists, designers, and business owners to someone who wants to add a pop of colour to everyday life, POSCA pens are the perfect and easy way to express creativity and imagination with long-lasting results.


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