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Search by your Brother ink cartridge number

Easily search by your Brother cartridge number on this page

Brother printers are very reliable and popular choices for printing at home or in the office. We stock a wide selection of Brother ink cartridges. Order now for fast delivery from our Dublin warehouse.

n this page, you can find your Brother cartridge by searching by your Brother cartridge number. The cartridge numbers are laid out in chronological order. You can search by the particular cartridge number or via the Brother series page which will display the entire colour series. You will find all four coloured cartridges required to print with your Brother printer on the series page.

You can also use the handy search bar that will take you directly to the page with all of the ink for your Brother printer listed.

Help, I don’t know my Brother cartridge number

Not to worry. If you don't know your cartridge number, you can remove the empty Brother printer cartridge from the printer and you will find the cartridge number on the top of the ink cartridge. If you still have the box for the Brother ink cartridge, you will also find the number there. Then you can easily search for the correct Brother ink cartridge and order a new one.

As an alternative, you can search by printer model. The printer model number can be found on your printer itself, usually on the front of your printer, the top, or a sticker at the back to ensure that you order the correct item.

Compatible ink for Brother or original Brother cartridges?

When you have located the cartridge number, the page will display all ink compatible with your Brother printer. You will notice that there is a choice of Brother original ink cartridges, that come with our lowest price guarantee. This way you know you’re getting the cheapest price in Ireland for the original brand.

To save even more, you should choose 123ink compatible ink for your Brother printer. Our own-brand printer cartridges produce the same high resolution quality as the original, whilst also saving you money.

Benefits to choosing 123ink own-brand ink cartridges

There are many real benefits to choosing 123ink-compatible printer cartridges instead of original brand cartridges. Read the list below to see for yourself.
  • Our own brand compatible alternatives have a higher capacity than the original Brother ink cartridges. This means our compatible cartridges contain more ink, so you can print more without having to replace the ink cartridge as often.
  • Our Brother cartridges have a lower cost-per-print.
  • You have a lifetime guarantee with our ink cartridges in case you are not satisfied, you are free to return them at any point.
  • Our print cartridges have the same high-quality standards. 123ink compatible Brother ink cartridges are tested to ISO standards in our quality control department.
  • Our dedicated customer service team is on hand to resolve any issues you may have.

What is the difference between standard and high capacity Brother ink cartridges?

The difference is in the quantity of ink you will receive. Higher capacity Brother cartridges are exactly the same shape and fit in the same printers, but simply contain more ink. With some Brother printer cartridges, the XL makes it clear that it’s a high capacity cartridge. Otherwise, it is the numbers of the cartridges that make this clear. For example, the cartridges from the Brother LC-121 series contain the standard amount of ink, but the high-capacity cartridges can be found under the number LC-123. The same principle can be found with the LC-221 ink, where the LC-223 is the higher capacity cartridge. In this way, the higher capacity will always be the higher number. If you are unsure, you can always check the quantity of ink in the product specifications.

How do I know if I’ll need a high capacity cartridge?

  • It’s advisable to opt for high capacity ink cartridges if you print a lot of pages, frequently. This means you’ll have to replace the cartridge less often.
  • If you share the printer with multiple users, the printer’s ink use will be higher so it will help to opt for high capacity cartridges.
  • If your printer is used for business, It’s wise to buy in bulk so you do not run out when processing an order or printing an important contract, for example.
  • If you are working on a project that will need to print a lot of pages in one go, for example, a thesis or college assignment, you can prepare by buying high-capacity cartridges.

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Common questions

Are compatible Brother ink cartridges any good?

Yes, absolutely, you’ll notice no difference in quality. Not only do they work the same in your printer and produce the same high quality prints, but they will save you money and time due to their lower cost per print. Try 123ink’s compatible Brother cartridges to see for yourself.

How can I make my Brother ink cartridge last longer?

If you want to make your Brother ink cartridge last longer, you can opt for 123ink versions of Brother ink cartridges that are filled with larger quantities of ink. You’ll notice how less frequently you’ll have to replace your cartridge.

Can printer ink dry up if not used for a while?

Yes, the ink in your cartridge can become clogged if not used regularly. The best way to prevent this is to print regularly to ensure the nozzles do not become clogged. You can print a sample page once a week if you do not need to print a document.

If you have any further questions in regards to your Brother ink, please don't hesitate to contact us.