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Inkjet cartridges

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Search by your Brother ink cartridge number

We have a wide selection of Brother ink cartridges, ready to ship from our Dublin warehouse. You can easily search by your Brother cartridge number. This will save you time by taking you directly to the page where all of the compatible inks for your printer will be displayed.  If you don't know your cartridge number, you can remove the empty print cartridge from the printer and you will find the print cartridge number on the top of the print cartridge, or if you still have the box for the Brother print cartridge, you will also find the number there! Then you can easily search for the correct Brother ink cartridge and order a new one. 


If you have already thrown out the empty cartridge and the box, you can search by printer model, you can check your printer where it says what model it is, so you can ensure that you order the right item. 

123ink's own ink cartridges or Brother original cartridges?

When you have located the cartridge number, the page will display all suitable ink cartridges for your Brother printer, you will notice that there is a choice of Brother original and underneath it, the 123ink compatible version.

The 123ink version is also compatible with your Brother printer model. Not only will it produce the same high resolution quality as the original, it will also save you money.

  • It is a cheaper price than the original

  • It contains more ink than the original.  

  • Regular quality checks ensure that our Brother cartridges meet the same high standards as the originals.  

  • It is fully guaranteed.

What is the difference between standard and high capacity Brother ink cartridges?

The capacity simply refers to the amount of ink. A high capacity cartridge has more ink than a standard cartridge! The high capacity cartridge is ideal for business users or for households where the printer is used regularly. 

We will explain this through two examples: 

The first example is the Brother LC223 series

  •  If you print a lot and don't want to have to change cartridges as often, then you can choose a high capacity cartridge from the LC225 series. Some printers that use the black Brother LC223 cartridge may also use the LC227 XLBK cartridge. This is a black ink cartridge with an even higher capacity that allows you to print much more.The LC227 XLBK is only available in black and is ideal for printing large amounts of black and white documents. 

The other example is the Brother LC1100 series

  • LC1100BK is a standard capacity cartridge and the black ink cartridge contains 9.5 ml of ink.

  • Had you chosen to go for the Brother extra capacity LC1100HYBK instead of a standard LC1100BK cartridge, then you would get a cartridge with 19 ml of ink, that's more than twice as much ink! 

  • Both cartridges (LC1100BK and LC1100HYBK) are also available with our own brand 123ink and it will save you a lot of money opting for the 123ink version.

If you have any further questions in regards to your Brother ink, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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