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Inkjet cartridges

Here you will find our range of HP ink cartridges compatible with HP printers. Search using your HP ink cartridge number, search for 123ink own-brand HP cartridges and get more for less. Our cartridges offer premium quality at a fraction of the cost of original brand cartridges. Also search for your HP cartridge using your printer type here.

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Search HP ink by your HP cartridge number

Buy HP ink cartridges for your HP printer

Order from our extensive range of HP ink cartridges. HP ink cartridges come in cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). You can buy these from our 123ink own-brand range in standard or high capacity. Easily search using your HP cartridge number or if you do not have this, search by your HP printer model. Unsure how to locate your cartridge number or how to search for it? Read below for more and order today for speedy nationwide shipping in Ireland.

Search HP cartridges by number or code

Find ink for your HP printer by easily searching our extensive list above. Use the HP cartridge number to find the correct HP cartridge for your printer:

  1. Check the empty HP ink cartridge to see that the number is listed there. Each cartridge has a number on it, such as HP 304 or HP 305XL. You can then find the number you find in the list above. Use the search bar located above the ink cartridge list.
  2. Look for the cartridge number in the manual for your HP printer and this will always provide the HP ink cartridge you need.
  3. Find the cartridge by searching for the printer type.

If you're ordering individual HP cartridges, make sure to search using the HP code. This code is unique for each individual ink cartridge ensuring you order the correct ink cartridge.

HP XL ink cartridges and multipacks

Order HP XL ink cartridges and multipacks for reliable and high-quality printing. HP XL ink cartridges and multipacks offer extended yield compared to standard ink cartridges making them ideal for printing that demands both quality and quantity. Despite their increased capacity XL cartridges are designed to maintain the same quality, form and size so they fit in the very same way as a standard size cartridge fits into a printer. 123ink own-brand HP XL ink cartridges guarantee a perfect fit for your HP printer, the perfect solution for high-volume printing needs. With compatibility across all HP printer models, finding the right fit is easy.

123ink own-brand HP ink cartridges saves you money

Our 123ink cartridges allow you to print more for less while maintaining the same quality as the original cartridges. 123ink own-brand HP cartridges are always the cheapest and they will always fit into your printer in exactly the same way as that of an original.

Use 123ink own-brand HP cartridges to print documents, presentations, projects or colourful photos. HP 123ink own-brand ink cartridges contain on average 77% more ink than original HP cartridges, so you can print more without having to replace the ink cartridge as often. The 123ink own-brand HP 305XL black ink cartridge contains 325% more ink than the original. When you buy ink from 123ink own-brand, you get:

  • 100% lifetime guarantee.

  • 100% guarantee! 

  • Save significantly, getting the lowest cost per page.

  • Same high-quality ink cartridge as the original. The only difference is price.

  • Always compatible with your printer model.

  • High capacity ink cartridges that fit perfectly in your Inkjet printer so you can print for longer.

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