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Search Brother Toner by Toner number

We have a great selection of very affordable Brother toner for all models of Brother laser printers.


If you need to replace your Brother toner, you can easily find the toner number on your empty toner cartridge or on a sticker in the printer itself. 

  • For example, if it is the TN1050 that you need, then simply locate this number, which you'll find in the last column and then order this black toner without any fuss to print sharp black and white documents. 

  • Another example is the TN241 series which is in the first column, simply click through to find all suitable toner cartridges including separate black, cyan, magenta and yellow, as well as a handy 4-pack with all four colours.

You can also search by printer model, to find the correct Brother toner that is right for your printer. 


We also have our own compatible Brother toners for many of the popular Brother toner cartridges. These are compatible with your Brother laser printer and we guarantee the same quality as the original toner. 

Why choose our compatible Brother toner? 

  • Our own compatible Brother toners work just as good with your Brother laser printer.

  • You will not notice any difference in the quality of your prints. 

  • They are cheaper and they contain more toner powder than the originals.

  • They are fully guaranteed!

If we take a look at some of the most popular Brother toners, we can see there is a big difference in price and quantity between the original Brother toner and the 123ink compatible version.

  • Brother TN2310-The 123ink compatible Brother toner prints 100 more pages and it is cheaper! 

  • Brother TN900- The 123ink compatible Brother toner prints 750 more pages and it is cheaper! 

  • Brother TN321- The 123ink compatible Brother toner prints 2,000 more pages and it is cheaper!

Store your printed pages!

With all those extra pages printed, you're going to need somewhere to store them. Keep your pages organised and in the one place, with our selection of assorted folders.

Do you need both a Brother toner and a Brother drum?

A working drum is just as important as the toner cartridges to ensure a quality print result. Toner cartridges contain powder that allows the colour to be transferred onto the paper, while the drum unit is an electrically charged cylinder that transfers the toner powder onto the paper, creating the text or image.

The drum for a Brother printer also needs to be replaced regularly, but not as often as the toner cartridges. Your printer will tell you when it's time to change the drum. If you do need a new drum, you can also easily order them from us!  You can find brother drums if you scroll to the bottom of any toner cartridge page, or you can search in 'Brother drums'.

When replacing a toner cartridge it can be good to clean inside the printer to get rid of powder. A regular dishcloth does not work very well to get the powder as it tends to spread the powder. Luckily, we have cleaning cloths that are customised for that very purpose.