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Search HP Toner by Toner number

We have a large selection of cheap HP toner! All HP toner numbers are sorted in numerical order so you can find just the HP toner that you are looking for. If you do not know what HP toner number you have, you can remove the empty toner cartridge from the printer and on it you will find your toner number, or you can find it on a sticker on your printer.

If you don't have your toner number, you can search through your HP printer model , it is just as easy to find the right HP toner. 

  • For example, if you are looking for the HP05A toner which is one of the most popular black HP toners, you'll find it in the first column at the top.

  • The HP44A Black Toner is also a very popular toner and you can locate it in the first column.

  • HP17A toner is also in the first column. You'll notice there is an option to choose from the HP17A original toner and the HP17A (123ink compatible version). The 123ink compatible toner will save you money and you will get more capacity.

Colour toner for your HP colour laserjet

If you have a HP Colour laserjet, you will need all four colours to produce vibrant prints. If we look at the HP651A series, for example, in the second column, you will notice there are four colours to choose from. These are displayed in succession. Black is displayed first and the rest of the colours below it, e.g HP651A magenta, cyan and yellow toner. With these four colours, you can create millions of colour combinations!

You can also opt for a multi-pack and get all four colours at once, saving you considerably more money. For each of these colour HP651A toners, there is a 123ink compatible that'll save you money. 

The same goes for all HP toners, there will be a 123ink compatible toner that works perfectly in your HP laserjet printer, and will help you save on printing costs.

Here are some other benefits to choosing 123ink HP compatibles:

  1. Cheaper! You will save on the price of toner.

  2. Same Quality! You won't see any difference in print quality.

  3. Higher Capacity! You will be able to print more pages.

  4. 100% Guarantee! If you're not 100% satisfied. 

If we take a look at some examples of popular HP toners, we see the savings that can be had by choosing 123ink compatible HP toner.

Average print volume for HP201 toner vs. 123ink HP201 toner

  • HP 201A (original) prints ± 1500 pages

  • HP 201A (123ink) prints ± 1700 pages

  • That's 200 more pages for a HP toner that is cheaper than the original.


Average print volume for HP410 toner vs. 123ink HP410 toner

  • HP 410A (original) prints ± 2300 pages

  • HP 410A (123ink) prints ± 2600 pages

  • That's 300 more pages for a HP toner that is cheaper than the original.

Average print volume for HP651A cyan toner vs. 123ink HP651A cyan toner

  • HP651A cyan (original) prints ± 16,000 pages

  • HP651A cyan (123ink) prints ± 18,000 pages

  • That's 2,000 more pages- for a HP toner that is cheaper than the original.

Why choose high capacity HP toner

High capacity simply means there is more toner powder in the cartridge so they require less changing.You can easily print for longer and save money with a high capacity toner. In the HP series, the high capacity is defined with an X after the toner number so for example the 410X and the 201X. 


The HP high capacity toners also have a 123ink compatible version which has even more capacity for less money.


 If we use the same examples, you can see the difference for yourself!


Average print volume for HP 201X toner (High capacity) vs. 123ink HP 201X toner (High capacity)

  • HP201X (original) prints ± 2,800 pages

  • HP201X (123ink) prints ± 3,100 pages

  • That's 300 more pages for a much cheaper toner price!


Average print volume for HP 410X toner (High capacity) vs.123ink HP 410X toner (High capacity)

  • HP410X (original) prints ± 6500 pages

  • HP410X (123ink) prints ± 7000 pages

  • That's 500 more pages at a cheaper cost!

If you have further queries on HP toner cartridges, don't hesitate to contact us.

Don't forget to clean when replacing toner with a cleaning cloth!

When replacing toner cartridges, it is important to remove toner powder from the printer and from your hands carefully, as toner powder is extremely fine and it has a static electric charge. Therefore, we have a cleaning cloth that is specially made to remove all toner powder. The difference between this cleaning cloth and a regular cloth is that the toner cleaning cloth will not spread the toner powder.

Stock up on printer paper!

We have a variety of printer paper  in different sizes, weights, and colours to suit your printing needs.

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