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Search for your Brother ink cartridge by printer model

Here we have a wide range of Brother ink cartridges available that are compatible with all Brother printer models, at the best price. The search function makes it easy for you to find the right Brother print cartridge, so you can quickly place your order. Below is an example of how to find the right cartridge for your printer when you know your printer model.

If you already have a print cartridge number, you can search directly for all Brother printer cartridges by Brother cartridge number, again they are in numerical order.
  • For example, if you have the Brother MFC J6530DW, in the Quick Search menu, click on Brother MFC series and it will take you to all of the different MFC models. The list is sorted in numerical order, so our example MFC J6530DW will be towards the end in the right column.  

  • When you click on the correct printer model you will get all Brother ink cartridges that are compatible, in this case the LC3217 series.
    If you have, for example, a Brother DCP J772DW printer, you can do exactly the same with the Brother DCP in the DCP series quick search and find the printer cartridge you need just as easily.

  • In this case, you will see the Brother LC3211 series displayed.

Our own 123ink compatible Brother ink cartridges 

  • 123ink Brother ink cartridges are cheaper than the originals.

  • They produce the same high resolution quality. 

  • Our own ink cartridges will have more ink in the cartridges than the original ink cartridges.

  • Our very affordable ink cartridges have the same cartridge numbers as the originals.

  • They are fully guaranteed.

For example, if we compare the contents in Brother LC-3211 cartridges for the Brother DCP J772DW printer.

  • The LC3211BK (original) contains 5.2ml of ink

  • The LC3211BK (123ink version) contains 12.9ml of ink

  • That's 7.7ml more- for less money!

Colour inks for your Brother printer

The black ink cartridge is, of course, the most widely used colour but most of the Brother inkjet printers also use cyan, magenta and yellow ink. If you mainly print documents with text, you can go for the black ink cartridge but if you are printing documents with images, you will also need colour cartridges.

The Brother LC223BK is a black ink cartridge that fits the Brother DCP J4120DW printer. There are also coloured cartridges and our own very affordable Brother ink cartridges if you scroll down the page. There is also the option of an affordable multi-pack containing various colours.

Have you any questions?
Please give us a call should you have any queries about the Brother ink cartridges.

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